Reclaim your feminine passion and sacred spark

Here’s why you might be here: you’ve been running your masculine energy (giving, doing, producing) for so long that your feminine essence feels neglected, brittle, or broken. You worry that you’ve lost your spark. You’re not satisfied sensually (perhaps someone has even called you “dysfunctional”). You find yourself giving in or giving up on sex. Your heart aches for deeper intimacy and sacredness with your partner. You’re ready to call in your Beloved and do it differently this time. Maybe, first things first, it’s time to finally fall in love with yourself.

  • Out of balance from over-achieving in our hyper-masculine world?
  • Hearing the imperative to slow down and connect to your feminine soul?
  • Feeling shut-down sexually or disconnected from your joy?

There’s good news: the Goddess Within isn’t dead, she’s just sleeping. Blending coaching programs with Tantra & sacred sexuality teachings, I help women awaken their Shakti, or sacred feminine life force, by guiding them inside themselves to the source of their authentic power and wholeness.

As mothers, lovers and leaders, women with awakened Shakti exude a kind of radiance that transforms the atmosphere around them and brings healing to the planet as a whole.

  • More effortlessly attract what you’re wanting vs. exhausting yourself in pursuit of it
  • Breakthrough to a new level of love, intimacy and connection in relationships
  • Enjoy increased sexual vibrancy and orgasmic energy (with or without a partner)
  • Fall in love with your body: replace self-criticism with loving acceptance
  • Feel more peace and balance by honoring your natural feminine rhythm
  • Reclaim a healthy relationship with pleasure, releasing guilt and shame
  • Deepen your capacity to speak your truth, set boundaries, and ask for what you really want
  • Access your Shakti power to fuel your creative contributions to the world and more fully receive the abundance of sharing your unique gifts

That’s just the beginning. Because the better it gets, the better it gets. I warmly welcome you to our Shakti tribe and community. Know that wherever you find yourself on your own journey of awakening, there’s much to support you here.

Big love,

Salon Shakti Women's Empowerment Conference

Salon Shakti

Open to all, a monthly, LIVE red tent gathering by phone for our Shakti tribe. Get up-close and personal with Lisa and her special guest experts on all things Shakti Read More...

Women's empowerment program

6-Month Initiation Program

The core Awakening Shakti curriculum in an intimate group coaching format by phone for women ready to kick their transformation into gear

Free course for women

Free 5 Day Mini Course

Your perfect starting place. Get the essential nuggets of Lisa's Shakti model for awakening your sacred sensual power and unleashing your divine feminine passion. Read More...