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The River She is Calling You


It is dusk when I arrive, over bleached rocks dry and white, at the river’s edge. Shadowy enough that I flinch when lizard scurries under brush and bat swoops across my path. Self-absorbed and squatting there under hypnosis of water rushing-its-hushing-by, instinct jerks my head toward the periphery as a young doe emerges. She halts.…

Unleash Your Shakti Power


Many people ask me, “What is Shakti?” Shakti is a Sanskrit term that means sacred life force energy. Shakti is also commonly referred to as the feminine aspect of being. In my work Shakti means all that and I also use it as an acronym to help women remember the key aspects of their divine…

Modern Day Mystic and Her Muse


Clumsy with sleep, wrangling the trash can into the car in the garage, thinking about how I’ve only got a few minutes to make my daughter lunch and get her to school on time, I pass by the same pile of rags in that I’ve been walking by for the last two years. And the…