masculine feminine sensual couple lovemakingThe following are practitioners, companies and offerings that I highly recommend to support you with Awakening your Shakti. Enjoy!



Sexy, Sensual Gifts and Sacred Feminine Products

I highly recommend the following company, owned and operated by a true goddess, for the highest quality sensual and sexual products. Visit Cynthia Lamborne at Love Nectar.


Check out Yogic Buddhism for a wealth of information about meditation and spiritual awakening from a teacher who is absolutely the “real deal,” Kali Ma Troma Rinpoche.

Learn to meditate with Primordial Sound Meditation developed by Dr. Deepak Chopra and receive your personal mantra from Mahaila McKellar.

Artists and Photographers

Check out award winning photographer, Keith Sutter’s site for stunning art photos including the one used on our Namaste mini poster, a bonus gift when you purchase our audio & ebook package.

Visit Lauren Forcella for her transformational rose paintings, prints and reproductions. “The rose is the symbol of passionate love, nature’s labyrinth, the metaphysical gateway of feminine sexuality and creativity. The rose of womankind is blossoming now.”

Awakening the Feminine

I highly recommend my friend and colleague, Chameli Ardagh and her organization, The Awakening Women Institute.

Change Your Handwriting and Change Your Life

Visit Jennifer Crebbin at Change Your Handwriting and learn how to fulfill your greatest potential and transform your life through handwriting.

Become a Creative Mystic

Get direct access to the keys of self-knowledge by becoming a “Higher Guidance Life Coach” with Jean Slatter, author of Hiring the Heavens.