Awaken Your Sacred Sensual Power & Unleash Your Divine Feminine Passion

What is SHAKTI? Why awaken it?

Emerging WomanIn Tantra, all power sources from Shakti: divine feminine life force energy. But like most busy, modern women juggling career, family, and relationships, you may have gotten so caught up in the go-go, do-do trance of the hypermasculine that you’ve lost touch with the source of your authentic feminine power.

Maybe you feel like you’ve never been in touch with your inner Goddess or it’s been so long, you’re afraid she’s gone for good.

Maybe the wake-up call is coming in the form of burn-out, depression, anxiety, sexual disinterest or “dysfunction.”

Maybe your relationship, career or identity is falling apart.

Maybe on the surface things look okay but underneath, your feminine soul is dying:  longing for space, to feel, breathe, let go and uncover who you really are.

You’re in the right place. Because the goddess within isn’t dead, she’s just sleeping.I can help you wake Her up.

My free, 5-day “Awaken Your Sacred Sensual Power” mini-course introduces you to the essence of my teachings in easy, practical bites.

Your course includes:

  • A beautiful Shakti Power Womanifesto mini poster for easy reference
  • A short daily lesson illuminating the three keys to awakening your Shakti
  • A simple Tantric deepening practice to take the lesson out of the mind and into your body where the magic happens
  • Ways to integrate the three core Shakti themes and keep your sacred sensual energy flowing

Yes, let’s get started!