This course opened up the feminine part of me that I have yearned for and did not know how to access. Lisa’s gentle presence, warmth and accepting energy allowed my body to relax and engage so the natural essence of my feminine energy could flow. With her guidance, I feel I have come home to all of me.

Cheling Wang

Lisa’s teaching is a brilliant transmission of much more than information. My understanding of both the feminine and the masculine deepened tremendously. Lisa’s skill and love has had a way of revealing to me the vast reservoir of body and heart wisdom that I already KNEW but have sometimes either forgotten or ignored.

Karen Francovich

When I first considered taking a deeper dive with Lisa and Awakening Shakti, a part of me was resistant to taking that kind of time for myself. Yet, something deep inside kept saying yes. I want that! I was hungry for a trusted guide to take me where I knew I could not take myself. It was the best decision I ever made. Through Lisa’s expert teaching and coaching, I discovered a deeper trust in myself, a deeper trust in life, and renewed vitality and tools to awaken SHE. And SHE is a happy, radiant, juicy self so happy to be seen again. In the year that I followed this power, my life has opened in delicious ways. Lisa is simply amazing. A gifted teacher and wise woman that I will revisit again and again.

Katrina B., New York NY

Working with Lisa has been transformational. Her work has put me in deeper contact with my own internal source of sustainable feminine power. She operates at a level of mastery with this work that is effective, beautiful and heartfelt. I recommend her highly.

Marcia Wieder, CEO/Founder, Dream University

Lisa is a the Goddess embodied! My heart smiles when I think about her and the gifts she offers women. I feel her deep feminine power with every interaction I have with her. I can’t help but drop into my own sensual and delicious Goddess-ness being in her presence. When I think of love, connection, beauty, sensuality, sexuality I think of her. She’s a master coach and holds such a beautiful space for women to truly come home to themselves and flourish. I’m deeply grateful for her work in the world and honored to have her in my life.

Alexandra Jaye Johnson, Co-founder & Chief Goddess of en*theos

I practice Lisa”s “Shakti breath” and “Joygasm” almost daily, often many times throughout the day. Even though I am 75 years old and have studied many spiritual paths, I find these sacred practices greatly enhance my life and everything I do. Lisa is a Shaman, a magical teacher– authentic, profound, loving and compassionate. She inspires orgasms of the body, heart and soul. I bow to her.

Patricia Ellsberg, Meditation, Teleseminar and Workshop Teacher

I enrolled last year in Lisa Schrader’s 6-month Shakti Initiation Program. I was inspired, fulfilled, stretched and significantly healed in unexpected ways through each session’s teachings, meditations and group sharing. Teleseminars can be impersonal but Lisa managed to create an intimate, safe and inspiring group with members all over the world. She was lovely and genuine in her one-to-one posts and emails. Since I have finished the class and have occasionally re-listened to the recordings, I can see tangible, irreversible healing and greater confidence in the Shakti Goddess I am. I also see how deeply imprinted I am by the special woman and example Lisa is. Lisa exudes Feminine Sensuality and God-honest Integrity. Her Gentle Compassion is comforting and her unwavering Limits on any violation of the Goddess are reliable and fairly delivered. Her Humility is remarkable and something I trust she will always possess as she inspires into wider circles as the Leader, Teacher, Guide and Writer she deserves to be called. Thank you, Lisa, for your devotion to freeing, healing and celebrating the exquisite sensual and sexual beings we all are.

Cyntha Gonzalez, Counselor & Coach

Being in Shakti retreat with Lisa provided a concentrated burst of divine feminine energy in a loving, supportive environment. It has sparked a new level of openness, self-love and intimacy in my being.

Bridget Wanczyk, Marketing Executive

When I met Lisa, I had been in a sexless marriage for 25 years. I was living in my head, disconnected from my body and not happy. Then I learned how to follow my heart and source my own pleasure. Now my life has completely changed. I’m empowered, sexually playful and very fulfilled. I love my curves and my feminine sensuality. Amazing things keep coming into my life. I am truly living my heart’s desire.

Belinda Laucke, Coach

Lisa has a rare gift that encourages the feminine in a safe and nurturing environment. Her wisdom, intuition and genuine love for women are always present. Her energy is positively contagious.

Kathryn Stoddard, Executive Vice President

Lisa’s work is amazing. As an attorney, there are not many opportunities to connect with other professional women in such a heart-centered way so that we remember that our deepest brilliance and strength as women comes from taking time to replenish our feminine spirit.

Katherine M. Barker, Attorney

Lisa’s coaching helped me move past a lifetime of suffering over sexual inadequacy and body shame. I’ve been married for 30 years and my husband and I are experiencing a total breakthrough in our lovemaking. I feel like a new woman. I feel free for the first time in my life.

Rachel Newton, CEO

I attended the Shakti Women’s Retreat in the midst of some intense relationship challenges that I expected would take me several weeks to process. During the retreat, those anticipated weeks dissolved before me and crucial answers from within were revealed. I felt renewed and at peace, ready to re-enter my life with more clarity and inner freedom. I want you to know how sincerely I feel about the value of Lisa’s work.

Mahaila McKellar, Educator for the Deepak Chopra Center

Lisa’s Shakti Retreat was utterly wonderful. I have trouble putting into words how powerful the experience was for me. She is gifted at leading and an awesome role model for all of us. Thank you for inspiring me to know more of who I am.

Jo Hatcher, Marriage & Family Therapist, Retreat Coach

In working with Lisa and Awakening Shakti, I experienced clarity, transformation and did powerful work around the challenges in my life. In the profound depth that developed between the women, we were able to see our own reflection of the sacred feminine and the gifts we bring to the world.

Denise Reynolds, Childbirth Educator

Lisa’s insight and intuition has been a tremendous learning experience for me and very inspirational. I feel so connected during each coaching experience and tremendously uplifted as each session ends.

Sue Bonk, Executive Director

The more I do this work the more easily I am able to move onto next steps. I am so grounded and have already implemented some new practices into my daily life. Lisa provides a safe place for discovery and transformation.

Mindy Smith, CPA

Since working with Lisa, I have had leaps and bounds forward in my sexual healing journey and my self esteem. You can’t put a price on that kind of experience. And you can’t measure that kind of gift. Words fail me. I will always be grateful.

Sage Komisar, Singer & Song Writer

Lisa is a coach with a wide lens and heart in which to help you see the big picture and the small steps to fulfill your life journey. She is compassionate, skillful, savvy, and wise.

Shiva Rea, Yoga Celebrity

Lisa’s couples workshop was an awesome experience that left us feeling more connected and more deeply in love. Being a personal development junkie, I have attended many workshops and have never been in a more loving, supportive or sacred space. I highly recommend having Shakti meet Shiva!

Helen Attridge, CEO & Founder, Academy of Coaching and NLP

Working with you has been a mind blowing, heart healing experience; more than words can say. It was sacred to join together with other women and glow, letting the walls crumble and the light shine. I am so grateful to you for creating a safe and secure place to let go, gather and harvest our own unique feminine energy, heal and realize the strength residing inside. It really helped me heal my heart, recognize my beauty, and accept myself for everything I am and am not.

Megan Peterson

Profound shifts have taken place in the way that I relate to myself, my partner, and the world. I feel much more empowered and in my body. I have taken the time to slow down and seize the moment to love. I am more aware of my needs and am listening to my inner voice much more clearly. I appreciate Lisa’s ability to be funny and lighthearted, while at the same time go so deep and be very real. This Shakti work is ripe with meaning, joy, connection, and deep healing for me. Thank you so much for providing the space for me to become more of my goddess self.

Karen Wright, Massage Therapist

My partner and I have seen WONDERFUL results after working with you. It’s totally revamped our relationship and provided the space for a connection we did not previously have. We were very impressed, especially as a lesbian couple, with how comfortable you made us feel and how amazing the experience and rituals were that you taught.

Carrie LaPorte

Your workshop was the most enlightening experience of my life. My husband and I have been TOTALLY absorbed with it ever since. The most tantalizing thing for me is the Oneness that can be achieved using the Tantric techniques. You and Tantra have forever changed our lives for the better!

Patricia Moore

Lisa’s amazing program has offered me the support, encouragement, and strength to examine myself in a deeply intimate and safe manner. I joined thinking this would mostly be learning about how to have better sex. While that was a part of the program it certainly wasn’t all Lisa had in store for me. I have gone from a woman who felt somewhat overlooked to a woman who is truly embracing the divine feminine being that I now know I am! Lisa honors each woman right where she is with love and compassion.  I am forever grateful to Lisa for sharing her gift with anyone who dares to take a journey into the sacred unknown. 

Deborah Lamb, M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Lisa is masterful at holding sacred space. This program facilitated a deep dive for me, an initiation that continues to stir my feminine emergence and creativity in the world. Gift this to yourself… tell all your friends about this glorious opportunity to redefine life into sensuous bliss and authenticity that will transform womanhood as we know it.

Hualani Janice Mark

This course came at a perfect time in my life and matched my needs in each moment. I’m never completely comfortable in what some might call the ‘new age’ community so I really appreciated the way Lisa was able to bridge different women’s worlds. Her loving presence and commitment to this work shine through.

Jana Carter

I knew something was ‘missing’ in my life. The Shakti Initiation brought it to light. Lisa facilitated with respect, honor and love. I felt so understood and nurtured throughout. The awakening has begun! I loved it all.

Kaye Frey

The Shakti Initiation sent me on a journey of self discovery. Since the class, I filed for divorce, bought a house and am currently renovating it. I have also more deeply explored my sexuality and have met someone who makes my stomach do flip flops. This class opened my eyes and soul.

Shawn Shaffer

The Shakti Initiation Program helped me realize what I am here to bring forth on this planet. I have found that my vulnerability is closely related to my strength. I have found a new experience of sexual energy–much lighter and very accessible. And I have connected to that vibrant core of myself that is beyond words but full of wisdom.

Anna Birgersdotter

I absolutely loved Lisa’s program. It was a gentle, and yet so powerful journey into unveiling the power, the richness and the juiciness of a woman’s Shakti power. I resonated with everything she said, and I loved the way she led the group, giving us so much of her knowledge and guidance, and yet holding us in so much love and understanding.

Paola Bisicchia, Energy Healer

The Awakening Shakti Initiation Program shifted my relationship to my body, my femininity, and my sensuality. I feel more playful, vibrant, creative, and embodied.  My connections to myself and my partner have been enriched and enlivened. I am so glad I took what felt like a leap of faith and joined in on this journey!

Tracy L., MFT

“Lisa Schrader is a master of deliciousness.  Her commitment to supporting women in accessing their Shakti power as a way of moving through their lives is absolutely exquisite.  Participating in her Six Month Shakti Initiation course has assisted me in embracing my own Shakti power more deeply and has supported me in speaking my truth in all area’s of my life.”  

Maggie Merritt, Executive Life Coach  

Lisa’s guided meditations included in the Shakti Initiation Program provided powerful shifts.   Her Sacred Union guided meditation occurred at the perfect time for me and was instrumental is moving me forward in my life experience and life’s work.   I continue to feel myself journeying further into the feminine depths.   

Lisa Dieken, Intuitive Guide & Coach

Lisa’s qualities are certainly in abundance with the perfect blend of love, gentleness, passion, wisdom and truth, balanced with great spiritual power. I walked away from each class feeling that something very special and amazing just happened to me.  She truly took my soul and heart to another dimension. 

Gena Livings, Personal Trainer & Coach