A Sacred Sensual Sanctuary: Welcome to Salon Shakti

Beautiful, brilliant and hard-working goddess that you are, I invite you to replenish your feminine spirit in our Salon Shakti tribe of conscious women.

Salon Shakti is our first Wednesday of the month gathering by phone, always at 12 pm (PT). An hour and a half of exquisite self-care designed to reconnect you to your feminine body, heart and soul. It’s an opportunity for me to bring you guest experts, authors and teachers who I think are rockin’ it in the domain of sex, relationships, sensuality, and modern-day-goddess goodness.

And it’s by donation which means it can be FREE if you choose.

Our Next Call:

March 1: “The Return of the Sexual Priestess ~ a journey into the heart of the ancient teacher of wisdom and love within you,with Jennifer Posada.

Jennifer PosadaJoin us in discovering the healing power of returning to “the pulse” of your pure life force, and why it will change your life as you are guided more deeply, by your intuition and sexual knowingness.  Learn about why the Sexual Priestess is the most potent and important force for change in the world at this time in our lives.

I am so looking forward to having Jennifer Posada with us for our live March Salon Shakti. Jennifer is a beloved and world-renowned Oracle, Teacher, Author, Sound Healer, and the Founder of The Oracle School & Community and The Orgasmic Woman Project. Her deepest passion is to share this ancient feminine lineages of ecstasy and revelation.

Join us to:

  • Hear stories of the ancient Sexual Priestess and understand the role of the Sexual Priestess within, and its power to change your life and the world
  • Learn about the healing power of “orgasmic energy” or life force, and why following “the pulse” is the way to accessing your deepest intuition and sexuality
  • Find out why self-love is the most direct path to accessing that pulse and wisdom, and how to access that self-love within like never before

Learn more about Jennifer Posada.


Your Monthly Virtual Red Tent

I created Salon Shakti as a monthly gathering place for us to stay in conversation and in community around the awakening of our sacred feminine power or Shakti. We were never meant to go it alone. We’re designed to share, connect and support each other’s growth. In this pivotal time of transformation on the planet, it’s more important than ever to have space where we can share practices and resources, be real and get replenished.

For those of you new to Awakening Shakti, this is a great place to get a taste of what we’re up to. And for graduates of my programs and those in between, this is the place to stay connected and keep your Shakti flowing. Because the more you cultivate your Shakti radiance, the more effortlessly you magnetize to you what’s wanted. You start to know authentic energy, tapping into an internal wellspring that’s been waiting for you all along. You feel sexy, creative, and fulfilled. You begin to contribute to the world and your Beloveds in a way you’ve always known was possible. With sustainable power, joy and succulence. And that’s just the beginning.

Nourishment for Your Feminine Soul

You know what it’s like when women get together with clear intention: magic happens. So whether you come to our call ready to dialogue or just listen, together we co-create a field that allows each of us to receive exactly the transmission we need.

  • Be part of the inner-circle as Lisa gets personal with leading experts
  • Get grounded and plug into your Source connection again
  • Relax with meditations and guided visualizations
  • Connect intimately, dialogue with and get coaching from featured speakers
  • Learn Tantric practices for opening to more sensual pleasure and erotic energy
  • Feel your heart opening, befriend your emotions
  • Receive new energy, ideas and practices for deepening your loving relationships

A Delicious 3 Course Meal

My vision with Salon Shakti tele-gatherings is to create a safe and sacred space to explore body, soul, sexuality and community with Shakti teachings, practices and coaching.

The Body of Shakti: Embrace more pleasure, awaken our sensuality and activate more of your sacred sexual power. Learn ways to take exquisite care of our body temple, strengthen our personal foundation, listen to our heart wisdom and navigate our rich emotional life as women. Create more work/life balance and align more fully with giving our creative gifts.

The Soul of Shakti: Practices for knowing ourselves as divine goddesses in human form. Ways to cut through mental limitations and tap directly into our spiritual source connection. Sharing of spiritual teachings, meditations, and guided visualizations to help us remember our inherent divinity.

The Shakti Community: When we consistently take our place inside of sacred circle and sisterhood, we flourish and grow. We remember that we’re not alone and we’re meant to do this together. As a conscious tribe, we serve each other’s awakening through our shared wisdom, support and openness. We beat the drum for each other.

How it works

Salon Shakti is a monthly 90-minute phone gathering, up close and personal with Awakening Shakti founder, Lisa Schrader and her special guest experts. All calls are from 12-1:30 (PM, Pacific) on the first Wednesday of each month. Registrants for each call will receive a dial in number and PIN. A follow up email with notes and a link to the recording will also be sent each month (for those that are unable to join us live). Salon Shakti is brought to you by donation. An easy link for making a donation with be sent in the follow up message. Thank you for your contributions!

Upcoming Calls:

March 1: Jennifer Posada

April 5: Special Guest Pending

May 3: Dave Richo