You hear the longing of your passion whispering up your spine.

You feel it gently kissing your palms, calling you back to your succulent essence.

It is time to shed the ways you dim your light and pretend to be small.

It is time to awaken your glowing radiance, your Shakti.

Take my hand, sister.

It is time to come home.


Shakti Initiate Circle

Every woman is an emissary of the Divine Feminine.

Living an unapologetic life full of passion is our birthright; but for several millennia, our masculine-dominated world has been inhospitable to the feminine.

Yet things are changing. Humanity is undergoing a profound initiation and now the raw, untamed, beautiful depths of our authentic feminine self-expression are re-emerging. It is time to liberate her power and create a safe place for her fierce wisdom to flourish from the inside out.

This six month initiation is an intimate, international coaching circle dedicated to gently awakening the Goddess within you. During our twice monthly calls, you will rebirth the body, heart, and soul of your divine feminine nature, igniting who you truly are, ushering you into a new way of being a sensual woman.


Come discover these feminine mysteries through the sacred portals of your womb, heart, soul, and yoni.

Shakti is the mud between your toes, the sway in your hips.
She is the taste of raspberry on the tip of your tongue.
She sings in the center of your beating heart, undulating through you, a wild flame of “Yes,” dancing you into remembrance.

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Listen to a replay of Lisa’s recent class – “Six Secrets to Awakening Your Sacred Sensual Shakti”

What is Shakti?

Shakti is a Sanskrit term used in Tantra that means universal feminine power and sacred life force energy. In Goddess form, Shakti is an embodiment of Divine Feminine Essence.

She is everywhere and in every thing. You can both feel and know Her. Shakti energy removes veils, clears perspectives, and reveals the truth of your wholeness.

In the Shakti Initiation Journey, we use SHAKTI as an acronym.

The letters stand for: Spirit, Heart, Attraction & Allowing, Kundalini, Truth, and Intuition. This is the map for our six month journey together. We begin at the crown of the head, descend to the heart, rest deeply in the womb, awaken the root and sex centers, then rise back up the spine to complete the circle at the throat and third eye.


Why an Initiation?

Initiations are gateways for healing and awakening — disguised as challenges. They are the fertile womb of transformation. During initiations, life divinely invites you to discover whatever causes you to feel disempowered or hurt. In the shadow, we find the key to the light.

During our six months, you will be guided into the instinctual wisdom living in your body while being held lovingly in a safe and sacred space. Although your journey is uniquely yours to take, you will be supported to reach a depth of potency only possible because of the like-hearted sisters alongside you contributing their energy, vulnerability and commitment to the web we will weave together. We were never meant to do this work alone.

So, sister, do you feel like you’ve been holding yourself back and playing small? Are you tired of struggling to figure it out? Are you constantly ignoring your feminine needs and pushing yourself to make it all happen with your masculine energy?


Your authentic essence is here to initiate you into a deeper, wiser, more whole YOU.

When you give yourself permission to listen to your soul, trust your sensual body, and allow Great Mother to move through you, your Shakti naturally begins to awaken…you start tapping into your authentic divine feminine power.

This isn’t the kind of masculine power we are used to; this power sees strength and innate wisdom in our vulnerability.

This power knows that by honoring and respecting all parts of ourselves, we become truly intimate with others. This is our feminine gift. And it frees us!

Are you ready to take action, move through obstacles, and have a breakthrough? Are you ready to come into the fullness of who you truly are? Are you ready to live a sensual, orgasmic life? Shakti-initiation-begin

My Shakti Initiation Story

My winning masculine-based strategies stopped working in my late twenties. Work that paid me generously left me burned-out and soul-depleted. So I left my high profile job in corporate marketing at the top of my game. Ever the over-achiever, I was rocked to my core when I lost two pregnancies after the birth of my daughter. My heart broke wide open in grief and a lifetime of suppressed feelings flooded in, demanding my attention.

With my hope for more children dashed, I turned my attention from procreation to intimacy. My marriage, although loving, suffered from a lack of passion. For years I felt shut down and dissatisfied sexually, convinced that there was something wrong with me. Trying to get our needs met, my husband and I made some regrettable sexual choices. We also discovered Tantra and had significant breakthroughs

No matter what, I believed my husband was my life partner and soulmate.

So the bottom of my world fell out when he abruptly left our 20 year relationship.

With another woman.

My family unit collapsed along with my carefully constructed professional identity as a couple’s intimacy “expert.”


On the darkest of the dark nights, I found myself in a ball, sobbing on the floor, longing for death to take away the pain.

I know you’ve had your dark nights, too. Maybe you’re there now.

During my journey of rebuilding and resurrection, I learned that when things fall apart, I must focus on that which abides.

…And what abides is your essence, your Shakti.

I discovered that the marriage worth saving was my relationship with me and my Shakti, my sacred feminine life force.

These days, I have a beautiful friendship with my former husband. I’ve been in a committed and passionate relationship with my Beloved for four years, truly the man of my dreams. I live an incredibly abundant and blessed life, sharing my dharma, deeply content and connected to the pulse and power of my Shakti.

What do you want? I can help you get there….light-my-fire-shakti

Who is This Circle For?

If you’re like most women attracted to this program, you’re successful. You’re someone who has already accomplished a great deal in your life utilizing the hyper-masculine model of success that we’re used to.

All that hard work, though, takes a toll on the feminine spirit.

Perhaps you’ve become so good at making it all happen with your masculine energy (envisioning, directing, doing, managing, focusing, controlling), that you’ve lost touch with your more subtle, authentic feminine power.

Maybe you yearn to feel more ease, joy, and abundance. More in touch with your energetic vitality, a deeper intimacy with our inner knowing. A desire for passion, partnership, and living orgasmically.

If you feel like something is missing, know that you’re not alone. Statistics indicate that 50% of American women are dissatisfied with their sexual life. 30% suffer from depression.

It is time to own your turn-on, power, and sensuality. Not by seeking something outside of you, but by turning within. Finally falling in love with yourself. Your Shakti is only sleeping. She can be awakened.


What Can You Expect?

What you receive and how much transforms depends on your intentions and how deeply you’re willing to step into your own initiation.

When you surrender to the process and trust the unknown — while being lovingly embraced in a safe space — you will experience:

  • More life force energy, vitality, passion, and juiciness
  • More joy, delight, and playfulness
  • Greater awareness of and access to your sensuality
  • Connection to your own divine feminine that can never be taken away
  • Radiance that will transform the atmosphere around you
  • Power to attract what you’re wanting; the experience of doors opening, good things flowing to you and increased prosperity
  • More serenity, peace, and a feeling of being grounded
  • New tools for coping with tension, fear and negativity
  • Healing of your wounds with women; new trust & faith in sisterhood
  • Awakened sexuality as a Tantric Goddess and Priestess of Love
  • Feeling greater Shakti power, vitality and energy in your body
  • Transformation in loving relationships with others
  • Heightened intuition, openness, and inner guidance
  • A softer, more surrendered and loving heart
  • A deeper, more loving and ecstatic relationship with yourself
  • Communion – an inner marriage of your feminine qualities (heart, softness, devotion, surrender, opening, trusting, intuition, beauty, flow) with your already well-honed masculine gifts


What is Included in the Shakti Initiation?

We’re currently revamping and improving this program for a start date later in 2017.

You’ll receive:

  • Personalized high-touch attention from Lisa who teaches every class live and is available via email and on our private class forum for direct feedback or answers to your questions
  • 18 hours of LIVE class time and group coaching over six months
  • Audio recordings of all classes
  • Follow-up notes from all classes
  • All “Shakti Power Initiation” program materials and handouts
  • Exercises and home-play to accelerate your awakening process
  • Accountability with twice monthly classes over six months to allow for sustainable transformational energy
  • A buddy program so you can work more intimately with another sister in between classes (optional)
  • A private online FaceBook forum for sharing just with women in this program
  • Intimate and international sisterhood (circle size ranges from 30-50 women participants)
  • Supplemental resources and recommendations to assist you
  • Support and connection inside of a sacred feminine community
  • (Optional private coaching sessions also available with Lisa for an additional fee)


How Does Sex Fit Into All This?

Your sexuality is the most potent form of energy you have access to.

The masters of Tantra knew this and called it the “fast track to enlightenment” — one that must be tempered with the qualities of love and awareness.

Sexual pleasure is your birthright and it’s a rocket booster for awakening on all levels. So, we use that because it’s efficient, it feels good, and it’s a renewable source of energy.

It’s about healing our relationship with our body and sexuality. Orgasm — instead of being a goal or “event” — becomes a steady way of living in the world, “joy-gasmically” alive and radiant.

We hear the call of Shakti no matter what life cycle we’re in, whether we’re a maiden, mother, queen or wise woman elder. The awakening of our Shakti is also not dependent on our relationship status. This circle is for you whether you’re partnered and wanting deeper connection, single and preparing for a Beloved relationship, or happily falling in love with your own wholeness.

Are you ready to become your own finest lover? Are you ready to share your radiance with your partner, children, family, community and the world as a whole?embrace-feminine-shakti

Journey Overview

In the past decade, hundreds of women have taken this Shakti Initiation Journey and paved the way for you. So, you can trust that there is a solid curriculum and a proven structure to support your transformation.

Over the course of our six months together, we will have these 12 significant stops on our Shakti journey within, starting with the crown of our head, moving deep down into the root of our sexual essence and then following the energy back up to complete the full circle.

First: Taking Your Seat 

We begin by calling our circle, invoking the sacred, getting to know our fellow travelers, and reviewing the map we’ll be using on this journey.

  • Embody your vision; a guided practice to awaken greater clarity about who you want to be at the end of this program
  • Clear space and de-clutter your life so you can receive more what you want
  • Nourish your personal foundation as your reservoir of natural power and balance
  • Defuse and address the saboteur; relax more fully into being held by your commitment and this container

Second: Recognizing the Feminine Face of God 
Reclaiming what was lost when the Goddess retreated underground for protection and welcoming Her back into your body as a sacred vessel for awakening.

  • Understand the inherently feminine nature of Tantra
  • Embrace your own sacred pleasure as a gateway to enlightenment
  • Learn why masculine-oriented meditation practices often don’t work for women
  • Explore mantra, altar creation, and goddess initiation stories as a way to enter into deeper intimacy with the Divine Feminine

Third: Loving Your Breasts
Uncovering the vital role your breasts play in protecting your feminine heart and allowing your orgasmic energy to flow.

  • Experience the pleasure of increasing self love and acceptance through breast appreciation practices
  • Understand the crucial connection between breast awakening and sexual arousal
  • Learn a powerful Tantric Heart Opening ritual to increase sensuality and intimacy
  • Take a fresh look at your relationship with your boobies, buy a new bra, plus natural ways to improve breast health

Fourth: Honoring the Feminine Emotional Creature 
Harnessing the Shakti, or life force energy inside your capacity to feel so deeply; how to navigate and appreciate the often intense emotions we experience as women.

  • Reclaim the full spectrum of your emotional flow and why shutting it down affects your sexuality and personal power
  • Decode the message inside the feeling as a way to gain greater discernment and clarity
  • Get out of the head and into the body, expanding your capacity to experience embodied ecstatic states
  • Loosen the grip of shame, fear, anger and sadness by liberating their wisdom qualities

Fifth: Embracing Pleasure and Loving Your Body 
Shifting out of limiting beliefs and cultural brainwashing about beauty to recover your birthright innocence as a sensual being; finding pleasure and increased acceptance of your body exactly as it is right now.

  • Shift how you see instead of obsessing about how you look
  • Practice what it means to “Walk with Beauty” as feminine soul medicine
  • Experience a new blossoming in your capacity to experience pleasure through sensual awakening practices
  • Own that your body is designed for pleasure, why it is so good for your health and how to work with its shadow qualities as well

Sixth: Giving Birth to Your Shakti Goddess Within 
Knowing that the womb gives birth to all things, awakening the magnetics of attraction, allowing and healing that you carry deep inside of you.

  • Use the magnetic potency of your womb to manifest your desires and release the past
  • Relax into deep surrender and learn to trust your own unique rhythm
  • Journey on a guided visualization into the universe of the Great Creatrix within you
  • Honor your sexual root system and yoni (vagina) as the sacred gateway, source of all life

Seventh: Worshipping at the Temple Gates 

Understanding why yoni is so much more than just “down there” and how intimately connected She is to your sense of personal power and self worth; softening into deeper appreciation and curiosity.

  • Dialogue in a guided journalling practice with the Voice of Wisdom between your thighs
  • Hear the latest science on the “mind-vagina connection” and why feeling pleasured and honored is so cruical to a woman’s self-esteem
  • Figure out what is “normal” in the yoni-verse: loving your unique flower
  • Move gently into exploring the mystery of your own temple

Eighth: Freeing Your Orgasmic Energy 

Relaxing into the wellspring of your orgasmic bliss; in Tantra, a woman’s sexual energy is known to be virtually inexhaustible but because we’ve mostly been trained to have sex like men, we don’t often experience this.

  • Learn key Tantric practices for turning on more of your sacred sexual energy
  • Discover the three core components for expanding your orgasmic energy from below the waist to whole-body ecstasy
  • Explore what’s possible beyond the more familiar clitoral “peak” orgasm when you journey deeper into the territory of your own authentic pleasure
  • Address orgasm challenges: understanding the unique arousal needs of your feminine body, slowing down, handling stress and alleviating worry

Ninth: Entering Into the Sacred Marriage 

Working with the dynamic balance of your own inner masculine and feminine to support you in loving yourself and feeling more erotically alive; from your wholeness, experiencing the ease of more consistently having better relationships with others

  • Soften, nourish and replenish your reservoirs of yin energy
  • Harness the clarity, integrity and strong boundaries of your masculine, yang qualities
  • Recognize your role in attracting, repelling or neutralizing sexual energy with lovers
  • Consummate your inner marriage with a sensual guided ritual

Tenth: Sacred Sex and Tantric Lovemaking 

Entering into the erotic dance of intimate communion and lovemaking, we explore what it’s like to bring our awakened Shakti into union with another.

  • Establish trust as the portal to greater intimacy and passion
  • Transform your bedroom into a sacred space to heal and awaken each other
  • Receive a full banquet of different ways to practice Tantric lovemaking
  • Open to ecstatic love and soul-gasmic oneness by learning how to sustain states of high arousal rather than rushing to a goal-oriented, “friction” sex finish line.

Eleventh: Truth Telling & Intuition 

As kundalini energy moves up from your root to the throat and third eye centers, it activates the Shakti potency in speaking your truth and being more authentic, while igniting your feminine superpowers of intuition and instinctual knowing.

  • Feel increased freedom to ask for what you want, in life and in bed
  • Learn about the intimate connection between your vocal chords and your yoni
  • Reclaim your wildness; throw off the domestication that would silence or enslave you
  • Distinguish your intuitive wisdom from other voices and play with new ways to strengthen it

Twelfth: The Care and Feeding of Your Awakened Shakti 

Knowing that our Shakti Awakening is a never-ending spiral, giving yourself the gift of a conscious completion of this journey and taking the opportunity to harvest what you received.

  • Integrate your journey, gather your treasures and identify the support you need to keep growing your blossoming Shakti
  • Review your original vision for this Shakti Initiation and celebrate your breakthroughs
  • Find out ways to protect your emerging Goddess and feel safe from unwanted attention as you bring more of your radiance to the world
  • Dream a new vision of what’s now possible for you as you bring forth the fullness of your feminine gifts

A Shakti Initiate is a woman who knows how to step into her feminine power in a way that is authentic, loving and clear. She knows how to channel her life force in the service of her soul’s work. She knows the pleasure of living in sensual, orgasmic aliveness as her birthright — and she gives this gift of radiance to the world. She knows how to amaze her lover, enjoy herself, stand in her truth, and receive divine nourishment in her very cells.

Do you feel called to step into your fullness as a woman?

Your Contribution

I invite you to drop into your heart and belly. Listen, pray and meditate on this. Seek guidance from within about whether this Shakti Initiation Journey is right for you. Even if it doesn’t make sense or you don’t know how you’re going to do it, trust your answer.

SHE will show you the way.

Sister, are you ready to take your seat in this sacred circle and say “YES” to an Initiatory Journey into the body, heart and soul of your Shakti?


If so, I would be so honored to witness you unveil your true essence as you enter this fertile and sacred space.

If you’d like to work one-on-one with me to maximize your Shakti Initiation, consider opting for the 3 session private coaching package. Get loving support to work through obstacles that may come up and accelerate the alchemy of your transformation. The coaching package gives you $150 savings off my regular coaching fees.

Shakti Power Course Shakti Program and Coaching

The equivalent session cost for six months of private coaching with me is $4,500.

It brings me joy to offer the Shakti Initiate Circle for less than a quarter of that.

I invite you to take your place in our sacred circle.

I’m honored to be on the journey with you.

Whether you’re longing to transform your relationship, attract the Beloved, bring forth your work in the world, or feel your passion again, it’s about attracting and receiving it from the wholeness of your own center. From your sacred feminine Shakti.



When do we begin?
We’re currently revamping and improving this program for a start date later in 2017.

When do we meet?
Classes meet by phone or webcast twice each month.

What if I can’t make a call live?
All the calls are recorded.

What if I want to do this program more independently?
Many women choose to do the program exclusively via listening to the recordings either by personal choice or due to timezone or scheduling preferences. I encourage you to engage with the program in a way that works best for you.

Do I have to have a Shakti Buddy?
Having a buddy in the class is optional although a powerful way to deepen into the material. We will discuss this option and how it works in our first class.

How many Shakti Circles have you run?
This will be the 13th Shakti Initiation I’ve guided since it’s inception in 2009. Many hundreds of women before you have awakened their Shakti power and you can, too.

I signed-up for private coaching sessions, too. How does that work?
Private coaching sessions with Lisa are done by phone or Skype, are 50-minutes in length, and must be used during the course. More details about the private coaching including an easy on-line calendaring system for scheduling your time with Lisa will be sent to you upon enrollment.


Your Guarantee

It’s easy to be cynical these days and it’s important to do your due diligence before you invest your time and energy in any program. To support you, let me offer this guarantee:

If you attend all the sessions, play full out, and do the homework and do NOT feel like you have received your money’s worth upon completion of this program, I will give you a refund.

Refund Policy

By registering for the course, you certify that you understand that you are enrolling in a six month program that meets via live teleclass twice a month for a total of 12 sessions. All the calls are recorded if you choose to miss a live class. You agree that you understand that upon enrollment in this program, there are no refunds should you choose not to participate. If there is an issue of extreme hardship, you may contact Awakening Shakti to discuss options, which may include receiving a credit for a subsequent program. If you are purchasing the additional private coaching package, those sessions are 50-minutes by phone and must be used by the completion of the course.

I invite you to take your place in our sacred circle.

I’m honored to be on the journey with you.