Let’s breathe deeply and by bringing this life breath into our bodies let us feel grounded and purely here and now. Let us take some time to relax and welcome self to the present moment. Turn to your heart with gratitude and invite that gratitude to fill this moment to overflowing – gratitude to your own divine feminine, and offer the following prayer:

Let us welcome in and call in the energy of the east: The energy of the rising sun; the energy of spring and new beginnings – also in Native American context known as the men’s lodge. And so, we welcome in the sacred masculine.

We welcome in the energy of the sacred masculine to protect those penetrating powers of the mind, direction and focus: all the blessings that the men’s lodge bring to us. We welcome that energy of the east.

Let’s then welcome in the direction of the south, the season of summertime, of things really coming to fullness and brightness; the energy of that and also the children’s lodge, honoring that element of the child – of our innocence, our playfulness, our curiosity. Let us remember our capacity for delight and our pure and true innocence as beings, regardless of what we’ve come through. We welcome in and we ask for the support of the energy of the south.

Then, let us turn to the west – the direction of the setting sun, and the capacity that we have to let go to release, to shed the old skin. This is the season of autumn, the returning of things to the earth for composting, for mulching – this beautiful darkness and emptiness that is such an important part of the cycle of rebirth.

We welcome the women’s lodge here – this capacity that we know in our feminine body to be full and to shed this lunar, circular energy that we know. It creates the wholeness of life, the cycle of life. We welcome the women’s lodge in the direction of the west.

And then, finally, we turn to the direction of the north and the season of winter. A place that embraces the deep darkness and gestation – the energy of the ancestors and the elders that know about what it means to integrate and synthesize and come back to the truth of the wisdom of all of the experiences.

We ask for the presence and benevolence of the elders and the ancestors. We honor the season of winter in the direction of the north – below where the roots are. We honor the direction above father sky and the celestial energy.

I ask that the benefits of this practice ripple out to our children, our grandchildren, our grandchildren’s grandchildren, back into our line, back to our grandmothers and great grandmothers; to all of our families, our relations, our beloveds, our communities, and all those that we are touching. I release this blessing into the limitless potential of the moment so that all beings may know love and peace and the blessing of the divine feminine, and so it is.

In this way let us honor Shaki – she who cannot be contained as the power of the universe. It’s this erotic union, this deep love, this passionate embrace of Shiva as presence or spaciousness and Shakti as power, movement, and energy that together creates life.