Today is solstice. A culmination point, maxiumum light, a powerful moment to take a moment.

A moment to reflect on what you want to amplify in your life. Because there is significant celestial and galatical alignment beaming down on you, right now, that you can use in your glorious womanifestation.

To my southern hemi sisters: I’m celebrating that you’re marking the culmination of fertile darkness in your winter and welcoming the return of the light.

It’s a halfway mark, a tipping point. The pendulum has reached the outter arc and now begins its journey back.

What is culminating for you?

For decades now I’ve been working with this powerful word Shakti from ancient Sanskrit. She is goddess, power, the sacred pulse of life. I believe she expresses herself through our body as pleasure, through our heart as love, and through our soul as union.

How we align with these three aspects, as high-achieving professional and spiritual women living during these dissolving times, is what I call “The Shakti Woman Way.”

As I watched the sunrise from my hot tub this morning, I offered my prayers for these three aspects of Shakti as the light came through the mist. If you’re looking for a way to honor the solstice perhaps this framework will support you.

What are you calling in for your body that would align you with greater pleasure?

How can you surrender more fully to love, more deeply abide with your own heart?

What do you long for inside of union with spirit and knowing yourself as divine?

If you’d like to reply and share your solstice intentions with me, I would be honored to read and hold them with you.

Also if your day is full and your evening planned, remember that the moment is long. We’ve been arriving at solstice for a while and we’ll be in the energy a while longer. Know that your heart will be heard and the fullness of the moment will be ripe for you when you’re able to turn your attention to it.

From my very sunny cabin in the woods to the place of you, I send you so much love. May your solstice time be abundantly blessed.

P.S. If you’re ready to step more fully in your Shakti, it would be my joy to support you with my expertise, love and guidance. Explore 1:1 Shakti Coaching & Mentoring.