A new moon circle with practical coaching for staying centered and resourced as we move through uncertain times toward completion of this crazy year.


  • Learn ways to midwife yourself and others through this time of heightened intensity with tools that will expand your capacity and reduce your stress. 
  • Harness the potent energy of this new moon to launch deliberate intentions for the future you want to see; give yourself the gift of sacred time for you. 
  • Acknowledge what needs grieving from this very challenging year; lay to rest what has been lost so you can turn your attention to what is arising as most alive in you. 
  • Identify and unhook from the patterns that deplete you; shift to pleasure as your most renewable power source and start giving with greater abundance, joy and love.
  • Remember your sacred mission, why you came here, so that you can stay rooted in the frequency of love, no matter what is happening around you.

Hello, I am Lisa Schrader.

I’m a certified coach with a proven curriculum that has helped thousands of women for over two decades usher in a whole new way of being in their authentic feminine power: body, heart and soul. As a sacred sensuality workshop leader, author, and speaker featured on OprahI’m excited to share practical strategies with you for navigating these challenging times while celebrating the essence of who you are as a woman–your Shakti.

Yes, time for me matters and this is an important time.

New Moon Women’s Circle
Friday, October 16th
12 pm Pacific

All participants will receive a PDF worksheet to accompany
the call for deeper learning and will be given access to the replay.