Dear Sister,

Waking up is what we’re up to.

For many of us, the intensity of what we’re collectively and individually being confronted with is at an unparalleled pitch.

One thing I know for sure: the world doesn’t need more craziness, fear or hopelessness.

Already plenty of that to go around.

It needs women like us, awakening to their authentic feminine power, their Shakti,who practice metabolizing big feelings so we can stand open-hearted in love. Who wobble but can find their ground in the midst of chaos so we can be of service to others. Who have an inkling about how to see the beauty in the mess, follow the breath into presence, and tap into their internal resources no matter what’s swirling around out there.

Which brings me to the very important conversations many of us are having about “white privilege and fragility.” And the growing urgency so many of us feel to take action in the face of a world that seems to be falling apart and going mad.

Yes, this inquiry is so important and what is also true is that we simply cannot make withdrawals from places we haven’t yet funded in ourselves.

At least not sustainably.

Most of us have spent a lifetime ignoring the needs of our body, the “soft animal” of us. We push her to keep working when she’s exhausted and hungry, ask her to perform when she longs for solitude, ignore her needs for tenderness and affection. When her tears begin to rise we push them away because they’re inconvenient. When her soul longs for our ear, we get on-line instead so we can be “informed.”

The incessant modern-day dirge of “you’re not enough” is toxic and derailing. Think about it: if beating yourself up was actually beneficial to your evolution, don’t you think you’d be superhuman by now?

Please take a deep breath…inhale…..exhale….and just love yourself for a moment in the place where you actually are.

I believe, there is far more that is good with the world than not. Just unplug for a moment and pay attention. The world is full of people giving their all, giving their very best in this moment. I believe that includes you. Even if we know we could “do better,” I believe each of us is reaching for our best because we’re designed for growth and expansion.

So if it’s time to make changes, get the support you need to do that. If it’s time to take action or get educated, undertake to do it joyfully.

And if it’s time for you to drink a glass of wine, feel your toes in the grass, and contribute your radiant beam of love to the world, please be that woman.

Only you know what’s right for you, sister. Only you. All you can do is be as honest as you can be with yourself and choose from there.

Please take exquisitely good care of yourself in these complex times dear sister.

With so much love,

~ Lisa

P.S. The photo above is from a truly amazing spot near Mt. Shasta called “Pluto’s Cave” but I think it would have been more aptly named Womb of the Mother Cave.

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