One of the ways your Shakti reaches out to say hello is through pleasure. Pleasure tends to be a pretty reliable way to get your attention. Maybe it’s the magenta fragrance of the peony blossoms wafting through the room. Or the warmth of the sunshine spilling through door as you pass by for breakfast. The slip of succulent mango all tropical with your tongue. (Ok that was a little snap shot of my morning).

Because we don’t trust pleasure, we can miss these moments. Notice if you dismiss these visits by rushing toward the next thing you feel you must accomplish. When you sense the swell of arousal on the horizon, do you chide it for being untimely or inconvenient? Do you generally greet it with irritation, expectation or derision? Or do you ride the wave, letting it lift you up?

Maybe it doesn’t want anything from you. Maybe it’s just offering a momentary blessing, a simple greeting, reminding you that you have a body that senses and feels.

Consider that you’re in an evolving relationship with your divine Shakti goddess self. Like any relationship, it thrives on mutual respect and appreciation. Would you keep coming around if you were continually greeted with annoyance, confusion or told that your timing was off?

Well, no worries. Your Shakti is patient, forgiving and unconditional with Her love. Shakti is who you are, even when you forget, so there’s really no separation to fear.

Only an opportunity. To feel alive, to remember your Source, to celebrate your body, to move from connection to your sustainable feminine power, to befriend your pleasure, to wake up, again, to the beauty that you are.