When I closed the Shakti Oasis membership program and pulled back from teaching almost two years ago, I thought I was just going to take a few months off, to gather myself.

Turns out, that “repair” stage of my post-menopausal journey required a great deal more time than I expected. It’s a good thing I had no idea because the over-achiever in me would have completely freaked out.

It’s been a reckoning this period of letting go and emptying out.

Although I’ve continued to work with the truly amazing women who have been drawn to 1:1 Shakti Coaching with me, I pulled back from teaching, producing, promoting, generating, and social media posting.

Instead, I’ve been listening. Waiting. Wondering. Cultivating a relationship with Not Knowing.

I’ve been channeling my energy into reclaiming an old rose garden, remodeling and beautifying spaces, weeding vegetable beds, and countless other homesteading projects that Michael and I have taken on.

It’s been radically fulfilling in a way I never could have anticipated. My mom frequently says, “Lisa, I’ve never seen you happier.”

It’s also been crushing to other parts of my identity, parts that needed to be faced in order for me to grow.

Like knowing my value when I wasn’t relying on being someone, being the girl on Oprah, being on some leading edge of shiny, sexy, and shimmering.

Watching my beloved dharma sisters soaring to multiple six figures while I stood still; facing the demons of comparison and lack; questioning whether I still had a place at the table.

Feeling like I was disappearing, being forgotten. Literally not being noticed when I walked down the street. Wondering if I was somehow being retired by forces I couldn’t name.

Grappling with so much fatigue, a bone-weariness that wouldn’t let me go, that demanded more hours in bed than I thought was reasonable.

I’m 10 years into my meno-passage initiation and, no doubt about it, it’s capital T transformation. A full death and rebirth cycle. You know what I mean?

The good news is, a growth stage is just that: a stage. Meaning: not forever. Although when we’re in the chaos of dissolution and crashing identities, it’s hard to remember this. It simply takes what it takes, for as long as it takes.

When you break down the word “surrender,” it means melting (render) into something larger, or higher (sur).

I can see now that this cycle of differently-productive, retreat, repair, and shedding has been a crucial piece of my wise-womaning. In my late 50’s, I’m now a baby elder. I’m practicing letting some of that shiny shit GO. I’m orienting to a different, soverign center within. I’m finding balance in this new place and beginning to taste it’s power.

The creativity and inspiration I’ve been longing for around my awakening Shakti dharma has returned. I’m feeling grounded enough in my new frequency to step into creation mode again without falling into the old patterns of pushing, striving, and proving.

I’m moving in a new way with my work. More slowly. With a deeper commitment to keeping pleasure, love and sacred union at the center. Trusting that “it is safe for me to give freely as my heart guides” (a line from the Tosha Silver’s “Full Abundance” prayer that I say daily).

Many folks in my inner circle, including my beloved husband, are retiring. I love my work and feel grateful to be at choice at this point in my career. From this place, I’m choosing it again. That feels fresh, real and inspiring.

I have a lot to give after two decades doing this work and I want you to have access to that. Toward that end, I’ve distilled my teachings into a model I call “The Shakti Woman Way,” a practical tool you can use to navigate the changes you’re moving through as an awakening woman–body, heart, and soul.

I created a masterclass for you, “From Pressure to Pleasure: The Shakti Woman Way.” It’s my gift to you. A little “coming (back) out” party I’m inviting you to. Click here to get it.

Thank you for being on this journey with me. I so value our connection.