Claim your Sacred Pause your way

It's the Sacred Pause time of the year, as we enter deep winter after the solstice and exhale after the holidays. Everywhere the invitation to reflect and gather ourselves, as we cross the threshold of a new year.

The phoenix in the hot flash

Whether you are approaching your meno-passage, deep in it, or on the other side, one thing is certain: it is a complete rebirth and total rewiring process.

Be powered by pleasure, the wise woman way

Practicing loving and accepting the "soft animal body" of me, as she is, with her rounder belly, silvering hair, and age-spotty skin. It’s not a young body anymore and sometimes that feels sad, frustrating, and disorienting. And that’s ok.

The mysterious message I received

Deepak Chopra says that one of the symptoms of enlightenment is that "you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities. And this accelerates to the point where you actually experience the miraculous."

When balance gets eclipsed

When you are connected to your own Shakti, you make the frequencies of love, pleasure and union not only more available to yourself but everyone else as well, particularly those that may not have the resources right now to navigate change like you do.

🌸 Why your Shakti matters right now 🌸

This is our apple tree right now, raindrop-dappled blossoms floating to the ground with the spring breeze. And on the other side of the world, terror rains down on the people of Ukraine.I’m grappling with this impossible paradox.

Dragons, love & knowing your values

I’m working with my dharma coach and we’re going back to basics: core values. Indeed it’s an ideal time to turn our attention here, at the beginning of 2022, in the new lunar year of the tiger, on the other side of a new moon in Aquarius–it's a time ripe for expansion.

The Cozy and Reckoning Times are Here

The cozy times have arrived in Nor Cal. We’re stacking two cords of oak to keep the wood stove burning this winter and the duvets are back on the beds. I’m inspired to be in the kitchen again after a long, hot summer of quick salads. Already this week I’ve whipped up a hearty polenta casserole and a pot of chicken tortilla soup. Comfort foods.

It’s a big moment: new moon and eclipse Shakti

I’ve opened the same drawer in the kitchen three times today forgetting that the contents have already been packed for our move. Each time I see the emptiness staring back at me, it makes me roll my eyes at my own programming. It’s an ingrained, automatic pathway to go there for the scissors. I...

I have a story to tell you

I have a true story to tell you, of serpents and cycles and surrender. Come closer. It’s warm here by the fire. After years of looking and dealing with this crazy-ass market, Michael and I have finally found a home. Seven beautiful acres, close to town, a humble log cabin and infinite...


I invite you to remember that Shakti, your divine feminine life force, is alive and well, in your body, heart and soul. It is my passion to support the awakening of more love on this planet. And that begins with you. May you be blessed, nourished and resourced by what you discover here.