🌸 What’s emerging in you?

Maybe you’re in a fever of creativity and ready to burst forth with all you’ve been gestating during this collective underworld cycle we’ve been through. I’m inspired to see dharma sisters who have already composted the experiences of the last year into fertilizer, resulting in miracle grow gardens full of colorful offerings. Wow!

How to get better at receiving

We’ve been taught that it’s “better to give than to receive” and for a lot of us, that feels very true. We like being the giver. We want to be of service, make a contribution. If we’re honest, it can also make us feel superior, more in control, on “top.” Nothing wrong with...

Vday: The Good, Bad & Some Truth-Telling

  Valentine’s Day approaches. I know how annoying and confronting this holiday can be if your romantic life is shaky or non-existent. I remember the pain of trying to rally for it when my first marriage was falling apart. The years when it was all about the kids and I threw myself into baking...

Feeling a little wobbly? It’s not just you

Reaching out to you when I’m wobbly is much harder than when I’m winning but I know it’s just as important. Because I believe this is part of our feminine practice, the tantric path of embracing all and rejecting nothing. Can we bring love to the whole mess of this world–the beauty, banality and brutality of it?

🍁 The Gratitude Wake Up Call 🍁

I read a post from an old acquaintance, a brilliant artist, sharing about her stage 4 breast cancer journey. Much about the telling was moving and fierce but there was one part that I can’t stop thinking about. A yoga practitioner for over 30 years, she spoke about the first sun salutation...

Change. Coaching tips for greater resilence.

In my 30’s, when someone cancelled or changed plans, I remember how quick I was to judge them as “flaky” or unreliable. I held myself to the same standards and prided myself on integrity, punctuality and follow through. I was very busy being an over-achiever. In my 40’s, my feminine awakening...

It’s time to do the work that needs to be done

The shock of George Floyd’s horrifying murder (along with so many others recently) has confronted me anew with the systemic racism that underpins every level of this society. Also my complicity in that system as a white woman who benefits from it. The truth is painful. And it cannot be avoided if I am truly a woman committed to awakening, consciousness and love.

Sacred Pause in the Bedroom

I confess that I’m a post-menopausal woman who’s feeling more deeply satisfied sexually than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. It’s even better (way better, frankly) than during my wild polyamorous decade when I had some truly hot lovers and crazy amazing sexapades (there was all that drama but that’s another chapter).

One of the most significant moments of the year

With the hustle-bustle of holidays upon us, I’m reaching out to make sure you don’t miss the golden opportunity of the solstice on Saturday. This potent tipping point, heralding the longest night here in the North (or the apex of the light in the Southern Hemisphere) is a celestial gift of transformation for those paying attention and ready to receive.

Broken Hearted Gratitude

On this eve of the holiday we call Thanksgiving here in the U.S., I find myself in a paradox of gratitude and grief. I’m reminded anew that “awakening,” while offering us the keys to liberation, also asks us to unlock our denial, to see the ways we’ve been complicit in our own imprisonment. It’s the shadow, the contraction necessary before birth, the yucky part.


I invite you to remember that Shakti, your divine feminine life force, is alive and well, in your body, heart and soul. It is my passion to support the awakening of more love on this planet. And that begins with you. May you be blessed, nourished and resourced by what you discover here.