The River She is Calling You

It is dusk when I arrive, over bleached rocks dry and white, at the river’s edge. Shadowy enough that I flinch when lizard scurries under brush and bat swoops across my path.Self-absorbed and squatting there under hypnosis of water rushing-its-hushing-by, instinct jerks my head toward the...

When Things Fall Apart..

“It is only the extent to which we expose ourselves over and over again to annihilation can that which is indestructible arise within us. ” I light a candle next to me and ask that this little flame carry love, courage and hope to my brothers and sisters in Japan. Last week I shared with you a...

Temple Gates

Dear Shiva, Listen to these words on my lips. You stand before her gates, seeking sanctuary, solace and union. This gateway serves to protect the sacred temple within, her delicate, innermost chambers, deep inside. We all know that the long, dark tunnel delivers us eventually, a pin dot of light...

Challenge & Mission

I coach conscious, professional women worldwide to awaken Shakti: authentic feminine power. So you can fuel your creative contributions in the world. So you can experience more balance, passion and joy. Because it’s your time.

Oprah & Media Credit

Chosen as the first Sacred Sexuality Tantra Teacher to ever appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Lisa Schrader’s Awakening Shakti work has also been featured on VH1and Oxygen. VIEW

Other Quote

SHAKTI lives in you: a divine feminine wellspring of power, sacred sexual life force, the very heart of Tantra. Dear Goddess, Welcome Home.


I invite you to remember that Shakti, your divine feminine life force, is alive and well, in your body, heart and soul. It is my passion to support the awakening of more love on this planet. And that begins with you. May you be blessed, nourished and resourced by what you discover here.


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