We want to have a lot of compassion for ourselves and for how deeply programmed we are to not trust the body.

I can feel it in my own body, this over dependence on the head, on the mind which is the element of the air. And thinking that it’s supposed to be operating solo. So much I believe of these “body image” issues that we might be suffering with are because we’re constantly up there in the head, in the air element thinking that we’re supposed to find the answers up there, that we’re supposed to figure it out.

When you drop into the body, which is your earth element, you start to listen to the intelligence here. When we start to really listen to this intelligence (inside of the body), what I find is that it knows the answers. This can be a great access point for us to start moving towards what the animal body is really craving, what it’s really wanting.

As you think about your body, be aware of the thought – bring a little compassion to that moment and also bring in something that you appreciate about the body. In particular, this can be a really valuable practice when there’s a part that you’re really focusing on.

So for me this practice is a lot about my belly right now because I’ve gained weight with menopause. And so I’m appreciating that this body is in its highest intelligence moving through this process of re-balancing. This belly is a belly that had a baby; these are breasts that nursed a child and that child is my pride and joy, my daughter. This is also my curvy woman body. This is a body that is soft and yummy to hug and feels awesome in bed. These are some of the ways I’m working with this belly.

How might you look at your body – look for the beauty of whatever that is in your body that you tend to criticize? If it’s your legs for example, how beautiful is it that your legs are strong, that they simply hold you up, that they move you around. We are loving ourselves as we reclaim confidence, acceptance, and love in this body – we reclaim that for ourselves.

What if we start with giving this body unconditional love?

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