I told my coach what I wanted, the thing that was shining so bright and clear on my horizon. But in between me and it were all the obstacles, the patterns of avoidance that leave me deep in the rut, unable to see the thing at all, feeling like a mole digging blindly away or worse, stalled out in the darkness.

But inside the sacred space of our coaching container together, she helped me hold those patterns of mine with compassion rather than revulsion, see what they were protecting, receive their message, and acknowledge their positive intent.

I find that dissolving obstacles with love rather than going to war with them is actually far more efficient. It’s also the Shakti Woman Way. 

From there, the move for me was actually a lateral one. I wrote and published a piece on my Medium channel about “The Reclamation of Procrastination,” about the work that happens before The Work that is actually part of the Work.

After that, the way forward opened up. The journey to the shiny thing ended up being easy, creative, and rewarding. The sense of fulfillment upon my arrival was exquisite. My coach and I both got to bask in the warmth, acknowledging my accomplishment(s), enjoying my sense of newfound momentum and the fact that it carried with it no urgency, only grace.

This, my friends, is the blessing of having a coach.

In my role as coach, I recently worked with a client whose shiny thing was to transition out of a full time career without freaking out about her worthiness or finances. We did some work on identifying her core values which shifted her mindset. She saw that the change wasn’t about losing her identity but coming into deeper alignment with who she really was. Now. 

With that clarity, she revised her bio on LinkedIn and landed a side gig that paid her better than the full time position she’d left. Plus she now has space to focus on what’s most important to her: time with her family and her creative projects.

That all happened for her in a few coaching sessions. Mine happened in one.

What’s the shiny thing on your horizon? What if we created a container so powerful that between your desire and my skills as a master coach, it couldn’t help but come to fruition?

It’s also about harnessing the moment. This one. The equinox was yesterday and we’re in the midst of a glorious new season: it’s a very auspicious time for breakthroughs and shifts.

If you’re ready to close the gap between you and what you’re longing for, remember that you don’t have to figure that out alone. Let’s do it together. Click here to find out more.

Blessings to you,