If you are ready for a significant shift in your life, then having a coach is one of the most effective ways to get from where you are to where you want to be.

I don’t have all the answers. But what I do have are powerful questions. You are the ultimate expert on your life as a whole, creative, and resourceful being. My job as a coach is to help you forge a stronger connection to your own brilliant guidance system. Then to support you with clear steps, structure, and loving encouragement, so you can move more efficiently toward your heart’s desire.

Whether you find yourself in the midst of a significant life transition, a time of spiritual or sexual awakening, or it’s time to own more of your authentic power, coaching will accelerate, guide and nourish you in the process.

Think this might be right for you?

If you’re feeling intrigued,  I encourage you to take the next step and contact me to set up an introductory phone coaching session. I offer a full 50 minute one-on-one phone coaching session at the discounted rate of $150. It will give you the opportunity to explore a topic that’s important to you and get to know me as a coach.  After that, we’ll both know if it feels like a fit and then we can talk about next steps.

Who do I help?

Clients most frequently come to me for coaching because they want to:

  • Awaken greater sensuality, passion and joy in their lives
  • Learn about Tantra and bring more sacredness to the bedroom
  • Shift away from exhausting themselves in masculine overdrive and start attracting their desires using more of their authentic feminine power
  • Improve communication and deepen intimacy in loving relationships
  • Grow their entrepreneurial business, increase abundance and be of better service
  • Create a life more aligned with their core purpose, values and needs
  • Reduce stress, increase vitality and have space for soulful self-care



“A wide lens and heart”

Lisa is a life coach with a wide lens and heart in which to help you see the big picture and the small steps to fulfill your life journey.  She is compassionate, skillful, savvy, and wise. A great team player for anyone needing support for any period of time or life.

— Shiva Rea, Yoga Celebrity

How does coaching work?

The coaching relationship is unconditionally supportive. How we move together is a totally unique and alchemical co-creation between the two of us based on your goals.

Coaching sessions are done on the phone or via Skype, making it very easy and convenient regardless of where you live. I work with clients worldwide, from Tasmania to Texas. We simply schedule a time to talk and you call me at the appointed hour. We typically talk twice per month (every other week) for 50 minutes each time and we may also email or do other work in between sessions.

My job and my ultimate joy

I am proud to hold the designation of Professional Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation. This means, among other things, that I have a rigorous commitment to the code of ethics and the “Core Coaching Competencies” as outlined by the world’s most respected coaching leadership body.

So I’m not just using the word “coach” as some trendy phrase; I’m passionate about the integrity of the coaching model in the truest sense of the word.

I’ve logged thousands of coaching hours since I began in 2001 and I’m a graduate of two different professional coaching training schools. I have an extensive array of tools and expertise to support you with your transformation and awakening.

Some of those include: meditations, visualizations, values clarification, a plethora of personality models, Neurolinguistic Programing, energy practices, Reiki, voice dialogue, somatic and embodiment tools, shamanic and spiritual journeying, breath work, business and marketing expertise, and so much more.

Because of the intimate and in depth nature of the work, I only choose to work with a  maximum of 20 clients at any one time. I’m interested in working with women who know they have the answers within and are ready for a potent partnership to lovingly support them to more fully step into their feminine power. That’s my sweet spot.

My invitation to you

Even after years of being a coach, I find myself continually in awe of the transformational power of coaching. It regularly brings tears to my eyes to bear witness to another’s awakening. It’s also why I am committed to regularly working with coaches in my personal and business life. I’ve found nothing like it to accelerate growth and deepen awareness.

You don’t have to know if it’s right for you. You just have to be curious enough to do an introductory 50-minute phone session with me to explore the possibilities. After that, you will know.

In their own words 

“My life has not been the same”

As my coach during the past 3 years, Lisa has walked with me through many challenges:  business decisions, career change, loss of a loved one, menopause and the cultural changes of a multi city move.  Through her gentle guidance and reflection, she has helped me navigate these challenges with empowerment, peace and gratitude. Since awakening to Shakti and the power of the Divine Feminine, my life has not been the same.  Lisa is an embodiment of the Divine Feminine.   Her wisdom, powerful reflection, gentle direction and pure presence have been a gift beyond words.

Amie Jew, M.D., Breast Surgeon

 “A trustworthy and highly effective coach on all levels”

I have had monthly coaching sessions with Lisa for four consecutive years.  Her mentorship has been absolutely invaluable to me.  With her help, I successfully navigated a divorce that was peaceful and harmonious. I entered into a fabulous and passionate new relationship and was able to look squarely at the ways I needed to transform my inner beliefs as to not create the same patterns that dissolved my first marriage.  I reignited my entrepreneurship and have taken my business to the next level of prosperity. I have nurtured a fabulous relationship with my children. I have learned the powerful and subtle language of self-love and true self-care.  Lisa has had the life experience,  both personally and professionally, to really understand the many life challenges I faced.   Her expertise and personal transformation as a human being make her a trustworthy and highly effective coach on all levels.

Grace-Karen Wright, C.M.T.

“Lisa walks, lives and breathes her talk”

I love this woman. I love her honesty, integrity, vulnerability, humor, openness, clarity, courage, gentleness, compassion and kickass rawness. And I love how Lisa walks, lives and breathes her talk. I have been working with Lisa as a coaching client for close to three years. She possesses the laser-like ability to provide exactly what I need to see, feel and explore. At this point, I consider Lisa more than a coach. She is a sister who I know has my back and I trust her to guide me from the truest place of love, integrity and wisdom. I could write pages about the deep and potent changes which have taken place in my inner and outer life through working with Lisa. Simply put, Lisa has profoundly helped me live from a place where I truly and deeply love myself. And geez – that feels good.

Marina Powdermaker, Artist

Ready for the next step?

Intro coaching sessions are available at the reduced rate of $150 for 50 minutes and are done by phone or Skype.

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