The HeartMath organization does beautiful work in the world helping us understand and resonate with our heart, coming into what they call coherence. Coherence is when our heart and our mind and our motions are all in energetic alignment – all working together. So many times, in our busy lives, we are not slowing down; or we feel like we can’t slow down enough; or we’re afraid to slow down enough to actually just feel. Taking the time to slow down allows the room for feelings to come forward. Give yourself permission to simply feel – like floating on the current of a river or the swell of an ocean – no judgement, just immersion.

Simply be in that flowing, watery energy that is present inside your emotions. Sometimes those emotions will get your attention as you are present with them. Sometimes they will ebb and flow and sometimes they won’t. As we are awakening to our Shakti, as we embrace our uniqueness and connectedness, we are waking up to all of these aspects that are like the sparkling facets of the diamond that are our Shakti – our sacred and universal feminine lifeforce energy.

We drop into this domain of our heart that is our emotional life; that is a tremendous source of that power – that power of our Shakti. If we want to liberate more of our sexual and orgasmic energy (our sensual energy, our capacity for pleasure), we need to open the channels for that. We also need to know that anytime we’re opening or we’re intending for that kind of expansion, everything will come online to be opened and expanded. We can’t just cherry pick “Oh, I just want that to open but I don’t want that to open over there”, right? It doesn’t really work like that in the holographic universe of this female body that we happen to be in.

As we awaken more of our sexual energy, more of that energy that lives in the root of us, in the sex center, it wants to move up the body. It wants to move up and out the crown and come back down to the earth again. If this energy wants to move up the body and it hits our heart center, and we have our feeling life locked up there (we don’t want to feel certain things), we are literally putting the lid on this energy that wants to move through our body – this energy that is all about awakening and bringing more light into our body.

In our tantric practice which is all about weaving, we’re looking at these ways that we can dissolve this illusion of separation and duality with awareness. We’re looking at bringing presence to this flow of emotions and energy that we feel so that we can access the energy – the Shakti – inside of these strong emotions. We are seeking to liberate what we might think of as the wisdom qualities of these emotions. We can use the intensity of our emotions as (literally) fuel to help illuminate or bring us to what the messenger is here, what the wisdom quality is, what I am being asked to see; then it can be our wisdom, it can be our guidance.

~ With so much love, Lisa

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