Winter solstice is a week away and ‘tis the season of long nights. We are in the final moments of a long exhale that began back in June. Soon the slow inhale will begin as we emerge from the dark and build toward the light again. In this time of sacred pause, this empty moment between the exhale and the inhale, we have access to something truly magical….if we are paying attention.

So amid the hustle and bustle and year-end wrap up, this is your Shakti Coach reaching out to encourage you to claim space for yourself in this great turning. To deliberately choose what would serve you and how you want to use this precious time.

What does a proper wintering look like for you, beloved? What is your body craving?

To what degree can you embrace the idea of “fallow,” of letting the earth of you rest rather than demanding that she produce or over-commit?

How strong is your “No” muscle right now? Are you remembering that every “No” is a “Yes” to something you value more?

Can you heed the wisdom of the trees, calling your energy inward, down into the nourishing darkness, deep into your own root system?

This wintering wisdom is alive everywhere I look on our little ranch. The hens no longer lay eggs because freezing temperatures are simply not conducive to new life.

There is the daily intimacy with the transformational cycle of fire as we heat our little cabin in the woods: hauling splintery logs, feeding the flames, tending the lava red embers, and eventually scooping out the gray ash to be given as nourishment back to the trees.

Walking the Shakti Woman Way means moving with the wisdom of the season and honoring the inherent intelligence of the cycle-spiral-circle. Doing so connects us with the natural rhythm and higher intelligence alive in our body, heart and soul as awakening women.

The result is a palpable feeling of being at home in our own skin, grounded, relaxed, flowing with pleasure, tapped into joy, intimate with our feelings, connected to our internal guidance, being resourced and confident. Staying intimate with ourselves is where we find true nourishment.

This Shakti Woman Way is also a radical path in an artificially lit world, hell-bent on distracting us from what is real while undermining the authority of the sacred feminine. Because if we do not know and trust our own feminine life force, our Shakti, then we will be susceptible to manipulation and promises of fulfillment from shopping, partying, spending or “improving” our “broken” selves in some way.

Solstice is the point where the pendulum reaches the crescendo of its arc and reverses course. If you’re ready for a shift, a change in your own course, a shedding of the old and an invocation for the new, then this time is good medicine for you.

I know it can be an extraordinarily busy season but ask yourself if there’s really anything more important than time to align with your self. The time you devote to you will give back tenfold in your capacity to serve those you love, your clients, work and community.

Trust this call to sacred pause from the natural world. Light the candles. Cozy up with your cup of tea and duvet. Go to bed early. Unplug from technology. Get intimate with pen and paper. Speak your heart. Listen to the silence.

Ask yourself what is shifting? What am I shedding, releasing, surrendering to this fertile darkness?

If you choose to write it down, consider a burning ceremony for release. Could be a simple ritual, you with a candle, or perhaps a solstice bonfire is more to your liking. Offer it up with your full attention, gratitude for all the gifts given, and your prayers.

Then turn your attention to what you are calling in, feeling your deepest desires. Allow the sensations associated with this fulfillment to bathe your whole body. Drink them into every cell for nourishment. Rest into the pleasure and feel the erotic excitement of your own desires, your creative life force energy. Practice experiencing what it’s like to template its familiarity.

Trust that whatever it is you desire is absolutely on its way to you. This or something better. Because so often, the Divine has something even more magnificent planned, something that our limited human mind hasn’t yet conceived of.

Then let go and trust. Cultivate faith. Let this be enough for now. No need to worry about next steps, 5 point action plans, accountability or shiny new resolutions. Now is probably not the time.

Because this is fallow time. Action is likely counter-indicated and isn’t that a damn blessing? Rest with the sacred pause, at the bottom of the exhale, before the inhale. This is a real and holy place. My prayer for you: use it well and enjoy it deeply.

With love and blessings to you in this holiday season,