Reaching out to you when I’m wobbly is much harder than when I’m winning but I know it’s just as important. Because I believe this is part of our feminine practice, the tantric path of embracing all and rejecting nothing. Can we bring love to the whole mess of this world–the beauty, banality and brutality of it?

What does it look like to walk the path with heart, as daughters of the earth, emissaries of sacred feminine embodiment, goddesses in human form?

I’m taking it step by step, day by day. How about you?

I’ve watched an unhinged president incite an angry mob of white men who violently breeched the Capitol. I experienced the horror of seeing flags of hatred marched through the hallowed halls of our democracy, terrified people huddling in barricaded offices. I grapple with my disbelief over the disparity between how these terrorists were treated compared to the authoritarian force used against those peacefully protesting racial injustice.

I try to understand, how is this happening in my country? I bring breath and presence to the sensations of my feelings. I reach out to my friends and relations. I cry and try to laugh. I return to self-care like drinking more water and walking. I acknowledge my privilege and question my sources of information. I wonder what my role is. I worry that I’ve said too much. I worry that I haven’t said enough.

I speak this to you because the pandemic has left so many of us in greater isolation than we’ve ever experienced before. We don’t have the normal markers and future plans we humans use to navigate reality. We’re trying to make sense of the new world emerging as the old one dismantles.

All this while our go-to ways of processing it aren’t available. We’re not traveling, getting away, gathering, communing, touching, dancing, sweating our prayers and singing together like we used to.

Which makes it all so much harder.

It’s easy to slip into dark places, feeling alone, alienated, confused and exhausted. If you’re a woman of color, if you’ve lost your job, have kids at home, or are grieving the death of a loved one, it’s even more traumatic.

I’m reaching out to voice that wobbly and weird are normal these days.

You’re probably doing a fine job of holding it all together and it’s okay to fall apart too.

We might understand that we’re in a time of revolution and rebellion, shake down and wake up. But it’s different to feel that in our woman’s body, heart and soul. To let the enormity of what we’re experiencing into our core, allowing it to unravel our internal scaffolding, amoring, defenses. I think that’s part of our practice and it’s a gift to evolution….even if you’re doing it quietly and no one recognizes you for it.

I see you.

It’s a new moon in Capricorn right now which is all about structure and mastery. The moment is ripe for imagining new forms. What old patterns are no longer working in your life? How do you want to work, love, be in your body, express your sensuality, create the new world?

Dare to dream and imagine radically new ways of being because that’s what’s being born right now. This is a time for you to step away from old contracts and occupy your sovereign seat, letting yourself want what you want. What can you clean, purge, let go of to make room for the new that you’re calling in?

In the Shakti Oasis membership circle this month we are crafting our Vision of “who I am as a Shakti woman” with practical coaching for bringing her into being. The circle is an alchemical container for change to happen more joyfully and efficiently. The synergy and sisterhood provide the wind under our wings. You can join us here.

Be well. Be gentle with yourself. Know that the wobble and the win are working together.

New Moon blessings and so much love,