We’re human. We lose our center. We find ourselves in a scroll hole of horrific news but can’t put the device down. We want to be a person that’s informed but we’re empathic so we’re overwhelmed with feelings. We do what we do to cope.⁠ Sometimes we make healthy choices (yoga) and sometimes not so much (wine).

We do all these things and more but eventually, hopefully, we return to our seat. The seat only we can occupy. We return to our practice. We remember that another’s suffering cannot be alleviated by adding our own. We cannot save a drowning person by drowning with them.

The Shakti Woman Way is a place to return to. I’ve been walking the talk and preaching the same message for 25 years now. Because it works.

It’s a return to our heart, connecting with the Truth of Love, befriending and tending our feeling life as source Shakti. We return to Spirit, remembering that we are an incarnation of Goddess, and divine guidance is a prayer/meditation away.

We come home to our body, the soft animal who loves what it loves. We attune to the senses and let the tastes, sounds, smells, touch and beauty usher us into the present where all our power resides. We tap into pleasure as sustainable fuel to keep us focused, creative, resourced and nourished. So we can do our good work in the world.

What business do you have being in pleasure when there is so much suffering in the world?

Being a student of your own pleasure, as an inner teacher and guide, means becoming aware of grabbing at pleasure as a way to avoid feeling pain. That’s human, inevitable, and sometimes necessary. You can choose to be compassionate, forgiving, and curious with yourself.⁠

You can question the doctrines that have been used to control your behavior, that told you pleasure was a reward for hard work, compliance, or achievement. It was to be earned and definitely for later not now. That pleasure was scarce, dangerous, a slippery slope, or even the road to hell. ⁠ ⁠

Maybe it is exactly your business to be rooted in the seat of your own Shakti, anchoring the sacred feminine frequencies of love, union and pleasure as an antidote to the madness in the world. As an affirmation of the divine energy of life itself. As one who will choose over and over again and forever more to love. 

We are warriors of a different kind.

If you want to learn more about the Shakti Woman Way, including a practical growth path you can follow to get you there, check out my new, free masterclass: “From Pressure to Pleasure: The Shakti Woman Way.”

Thank you for all the ways you are bringing more Shakti into the world, your community and families. I am so grateful to be on this path with you. Let us stay the course, Beloveds. Stay the course. 

With so much love,