We’ve been taught that it’s “better to give than to receive” and for a lot of us, that feels very true. We like being the giver. We want to be of service, make a contribution. If we’re honest, it can also make us feel superior, more in control, on “top.”

Nothing wrong with that but I notice that for many of us, our “muscles” around receiving are less developed. Consider this idea: that our giving is more aligned with our yang energy. If you think about it, giving has a kind of thrust to it.

By declaring that more desirable than the more yin or receptive energy, we can fall into an old pattern of diminishing the power and potency of the feminine. We can miss the magic that lives inside the space of receiving and holding. The sacred womb that allows for the miracle of gestation, the miracle of life, whether that’s in the form of a baby or a brilliant idea.

Nothing passive, weak or less-than about that.

We’re so programmed to hustle and make things happen in our world. No wonder that women are currently suffering from record levels of exhaustion, adrenal burn-out, depression and anxiety.

Our over-giving is killing us.

I believe we must make the switch from being fueled by pressure to being powered by pleasure. And being powered by pleasure means becoming more skilled at receiving.

Start small. You could begin with a practice of allowing yourself, several times a day, to take a full minute to receive some full, deep oxygenating breaths. Most of us run around shallowly breathing, activating our stress response as a result. There is time for you to breathe.

If we won’t even allow ourselves the luxury of a full belly breath, how in the world will we have the capacity to welcome in ecstasy and orgasmic bliss? To tap into the wellspring of Shaktiwithin us that creates worlds and changes lives?

Daring to create space in your life to more regularly receive whatever brings you pleasure (taking a warm bath, preparing a nourishing meal, putting a bouquet of fresh flowers on your desk) is part of the equation for sure. Make a list of 100 things that bring you pleasure so you’ve got some ideas.

And without doing anything extra, start to notice all the simple ways life shows up and “tickles” you with opportunities to receive: the sun on your skin, the smile from someone passing you on the street, the smell of fresh bread wafting out of the bakery.

Just pause and actually take that experience in.

Goddess Shakti showers us every day with gifts that we miss because we’re not paying attention. Or because we’re not accustomed to being adored and think we don’t deserve it. Or because we’ve forgotten that pleasure is a gateway into the frequency of the divine. Whatever you do to prioritize sensuality, sacredness, and love, that’s key to womanifesting what you desire.

Because what if it’s more about magnetizing what you want to you from a place of radiant receptivity than exhausting yourself in pursuit of it?

We can’t separate giving from receiving anymore than we can separate night from day. They love each other. They are One in the same. This is your Shakti coach over here asking you to allow the power of receiving to take her rightful place alongside the part of you that’s so expert at giving. As you do, watch the alchemy of this sacred union within begin to transform your life.

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May tomorrow’s new moon be a fertile time for you to receive, into the sacred darkness, the seeds of all you long for. And so it is.

With so much love,

P.S. Below, me in deep receptivity practice at the Pacific last weekend while visiting my Dad in Monterey. Ahhhh!