I’ve opened the same drawer in the kitchen three times today forgetting that the contents have already been packed for our move. Each time I see the emptiness staring back at me, it makes me roll my eyes at my own programming.

It’s an ingrained, automatic pathway to go there for the scissors. I never have to think about where to find them. They’re in my hands without a pause in my train of thought. There’s an efficiency to that.

Because not being able to find things drives me nuts. I crave order. It’s how I control my environment so I can feel safe and relaxed, so I can pretend that we’re not living in a world on the brink of chaos. The shadow side is rigidity, resistance to change, privilege, and superiority. I can be a cranky bitch when someone doesn’t put the scissors back in the right place.

The new moon and wild card energy of the solar eclipse tomorrow morning (around 6 AM EDT) gives us an opportunity to dislodge stuck patterns. Yes, they may be efficient but so is a rut. When the known is disrupted, the mystery can return and show us what is more true. As disorienting as it may be, change is full of Shakti, pulsing with life force. Shake up and wake up. She Who Cannot Be Contained.

It is also said that during an eclipse, your thoughts and intentions – whether they are positive or negative – are magnified a hundredfold. Now is an important time to pay close attention to the intentions you are broadcasting out into the world.

The energy of this eclipse and new moon portal is around for several days, too. So don’t worry about missing anything. I’ll be sleeping through the actual event which isn’t visible from my part of the world but I will be in ritual space and prayer when I arise because that’s what feels good to me.

What do you want to do with this moment?

The day after tomorrow, we move into our new house. Talk about a new beginning. Leaving town and going to the country. Seven plus acres of it. It’s not far away but feels like another world. Big Change. We’re ready.

What kind of change is up for you? For many of us, there is a slow returning to the before times but the world is totally different now and so are you.

Maybe like me, you’re transplanting yourself into completely new soil. Or maybe yours just needs some ammending. What kind of nutrients do you need right now to truly thrive in your body, heart and soul? More quiet time, connection, support, play? You are the only one who knows what you truly need.

How about prioritizing pleasure every day as a way to metabolize the stress of living in this crazy world? How about more orgasmic living as a way to keep yourself more resourced so you can give your gifts with greater joy? How about instead of working so hard, you cultivate your own Shakti radiance so that your desires are magnetized to you more effortlessly?

Maybe it’s time for a new mantra: “Feeling good is good for me.”

Perhaps it’s time for you to have a Shakti Coach and really turn things around, turn things on, in a way that’s delicious and sustainable. Learn more about working with me here. 

New moon, new beginnings, an eclipse portal for fresh possibilities. May you use this time wisely and well, dear sister. I shall be beaming love your way as I unpack boxes and find a new drawer for the scissors.

With love and blessings,



Artist credit: Lego Dog