A woman awake to her life force energy,

her Shakti, effortlessly transforms
the atmosphere around her

with her radiant, sensual, loving presence.

She magnetizes to her what’s wanted rather than exhausting herself
in pursuit of it.

She’s passionate, relaxed, and abundant….

You might say she’s JOYGASMIC.

  • What does it mean to be Joygasmic?
  • What are the three keys to having it?
  • How can I experience it myself?

It’s my joy to share the formula with you!



YES! I want the “3 Keys to Joygasmic Living” Audio Meditation 

In this 35 minute audio program, you will:

  • Relax and center yourself with a grounding practice
  • Receive a brief overview of sacred sensual Tantra teachings
  • Make it relevant to your own life using personal inquiry questions
  • Learn the 6 secrets of my Shakti roadmap for awakening
  • Be gently guided through the 3 Step Joygasm Activation process
  • Enjoy feeling more tuned-in, turned-on, and tapped in
  • PLUS you’ll also get a beautifully-designed mini-poster for easy reference

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YES! I want the “3 Keys to Joygasmic Living” Audio Meditation

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