What is it like to allow the orgasmic energy to move through the body, so that it’s not just concentrated there in the sex center, but opening up that inner channel – creating a pathway?

This orasmic energy connects us with feeling into this aspect of us that is both divine and immortal – that spark, that energy that is you. You are connected to both the Shakti of the energy, and also the physicality of you – your earthliness, your roots, your groundedness. What is it like to live orgasmically?

What would it look like to be living with more of a capacity for pleasure? What would it be like to have truly blissful feelings – of trusting that we’re in that state of union where we love “what is,” even when what we’re looking at or experiencing isn’t pleasant? This love embraces that we’re going to have these ebbs and flows in our emotional realm that is the Shakti – the good stuff and the bad stuff.

There is something very potent about our being able to orient more towards natural pleasure when we come to life with this perspective of the beauty of life. This natural pleasure manifests in the orgasmic quality of the way the sun is bouncing off those blades of grass that I’m looking at outside the window. It’s such a miracle.

There are miracles like that, these simple sweet miracles all around us. I can tell you , as I (as a teacher and a student of this work) step more and more every day into meeting life in this way, that it is incredible when I put my foot on that grass and feel the moistness or the warmth on my soul – even the prickliness of the blades of grass and the sunshine. Living this way, living orgasmically, can put me into a mild state of orgasmic oneness.

It’s about living life erotically. The more that we do that, the more we have to bring to relationship and sex in the bedroom. What I want to invite us all to do is to consider how much opportunity there is for us to cultivate this from within.

Margot Anand says, “We live in an anti-ecstatic society based on the conceived separation between flesh and spirit. We are encouraged and taught to repress our sexual nature, to doubt our mystical and spiritual nature, and to fear whatever does not conform to conventional behavior. But when we ignore the sacredness of life and the possibility of living life ecstatically, we risk losing our self – our soul – in the process.”

This Awakening Shakti hits every aspect of your life. What is it that you truly want that really inspires you, that makes you feel passionate? What is this way that you’re settling for just because it’s familiar? So we have an upper limit problem, culturally. If you’re somebody who’s interested in living more orgasmically or joy-gasmically, it’s important to explore what it is that limits you. And we all have our limits.

The limit is an aspect of our consciousness – more of our egoic consciousness, that says, “I’m already used to mild states of anxiety.” When we start feeling out this orgasmic energy, all this bliss, yeah, it feels really good but it scares us a little. We don’t know what that is, and maybe it’s dangerous. Because it’s familiar, it feels safe.

You’re living under this upper limit on your pleasure, this upper limit on what you think is possible for you.