Dear Sisters,

Now I know why it’s called “The Change:” because it’s a complete metamorphosis.

My menopausal journey coincided, rather amazingly, with my midlife rebirth. I stopped bleeding just before my 49th birthday and my thirteenth moon without a period (the official “marker” of being “menopausal”) happened on my 50th birthday. I’m currently in the zone called “climacteric” (the few years just prior to and just after the end of your cycle). I love this word. Rolling it around on my tongue–climb-ack-teric–reminds me of rolling around in the sheets.

Sexy menopause? Yes, that’s how we’re doing it around here! I want to shout some good news about The Change as I learn to release my identity as Mother and pick up the crown of Queen. It’s a turning on the wheel from the fruit of summer to the harvest of the autumn, the wisdom of letting go and calling ourselves back home within.

I want to tell you, don’t believe all the bullshit the culture infects us with about what it means to age as a woman. I’m here to report that I’m more turned on sexually, more firmly rooted in my sovereign truth as a woman, and more fully enjoying life’s nectar now than I ever was before The Change.

No, it hasn’t been easy. It’s radically new territory. It’s a heroine’s journey, sister–of course there are dragons to vanquish.

~ Hot flashes that made me want to incinerate everyone in my vicinity.

~ Icy sweaty aftermaths that would send me panicking for cover.

~ Painful intercourse and even worse, the denial that kept me silently ashamed, gritting my way through.

~ Feeling guilty when I’d make another excuse to get more of the solitude and quiet I craved with every fiber of my being.

I’m learning so much about deciphering the wisdom in my body, heeding her messages, surfing the symptoms—physical, spiritual and emotional. I’m still “in” it and there are ecstatic days and dark ones, too. I’m committed to talking more openly about it, creating more opportunities for us to dialogue, more avenues of support, and sharing more resources for all the changes we’re collectively undergoing whether related to your life cycle or not.

Because we are women awakening to our sacred sensual life force energy, our Shakti. We know all about Change. We know about death and rebirth. We know when the cocoon we’ve woven gets too tight and we know we have wings growing.

Change. Today you may find yourself waving the banner for it (Bring It On!) and tomorrow you’re hiding under the covers and hoping the knock on the door will please just go away. That’s the circle, the cycle, the Shakti of being a alive right now in your woman’s body.

And that is beautiful and perfect just as it is.

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