Dear Sisters,

For years, I’ve been dreaming into the idea of creating a more intimate circle of women.

A community of sisters who want to go deeper into the Shakti teachings, who are committed to awakening the divine feminine in their bodies, lives and on the planet. A group of women who are passionate about love, beauty, sensuality, equality and relationships and want to reclaim the power of their erotic life force energy.

Is this you?

Not so long ago I was was burned out and sexually shut down. Constantly chasing the unattainable “thing” called balance. I was disconnected from my feminine energy and struggling with money issues and confidence.

After immersing myself within the Shakti teachings, I regained my connection with my own sacred feminine energy and became a more deeply “resourced” woman.

We were designed to be connected

One of the most important lessons I learned during this transformative period of my life was that I couldn’t go it alone, nor did I want to anymore. Support and sisterhood are essential in today’s increasingly crazy world. We need a safe space to foster transformation from the old masculine structures to the new feminine paradigms. Places where we can make mistakes, be vulnerable, strengthen our body-heart-soul, learn new skills and be part of a tribe of women who are doing the same. And that is why I have decided that now is the time to introduce Shakti Oasis, a sanctuary for deepening, growth and sisterhood.

If you are longing for

  • A community where you can receive the nourishment to be radiant in your sacred feminine power

  • Support so that you can be the best lover, mother, and leader you can be

  • Ongoing Shakti teachings to help you go deeper and guide you on your journey…

Then I invite you to take my hand and say “YES” to joining the Shakti Oasis.

I know you are probably feeling busy and overwhelmed, sister.

The idea of taking on yet another “thing,” even something that feeds your soul, might sound like work.

You may have even tried other programs, only to eventually fall back into old patterns.

I know how it goes–you sign up for a class but once it’s over, life gets in the way again. All the practices that were starting to make a difference get buried under other demands. And eventually you’re back to the same place where you began, feeling depleted and frustrated that you don’t have more time for your own spirit.

The Shakti Oasis is different

It is an ongoing circle, so you know you’re part of something that will keep calling you back to YOU. Eventually, I hope it will be so interwoven with the patterns of your life that you’ll start to relax in the knowing that it’s always there. You’ll have the resources to be more radiant, confident and consistently receiving what you’re desiring.

But that flowering happens most readily with some steady watering, sunshine and good nutrients. That’s what I envision the Shakti Oasis being–that growing space.

Where attention goes, energy flows

Saying “yes” to this monthly membership circle is saying a big, fat “yes” to the awakening of your Shakti. Putting some skin in the game means you’re committed to yourself and this circle. And when you commit, all of providence conspires to support you with your desire. That’s just how it goes.

A personal invitation from Lisa

In the Shakti Oasis you will receive:


  • A live video session with me each month focused on a theme pulled from the core Shakti curriculum

  • Private Facebook community for our members only

  • Two deepening practice emails per month with additional suggestions for ways to more intimately explore our theme and help you stay on track

  • Access to recordings, interviews, audios, and other special gifts only available to members

  • Opportunity to dialogue, receive spot coaching, and have more intimate contact with me in our forums

  • Exclusive discounts available to Shakti Oasis members only on other products and programs

Special Pricing

Because this is a brand new program and I’m inviting you to become one of our founding members, I’m offering a wealth of value to you at a monthly subscription rate that’s significantly lower than most similarly-featured membership programs out there. If you’re able to support this circle at our requested amount of $48, know that you are contributing to the sustainability of the Shakti Oasis as well as allowing us to offer reduced cost memberships to women in financial need. Click YES to explore your options.

(And, of course, if you find that the Shakti Oasis ends up not being your cup of tea, you can cancel your monthly subscription at anytime. Easy. No problem.)

I don’t have it all figured out …and frankly, I don’t want to

I’m purposely inviting you to be part of opening this on-line oasis because I’m looking for the women who want to co-create it with me.

I’m resisting my tendency to figure it out and have it all polished to present to you. Instead, I’m envisioning a space to be real, vulnerable and curious with you about how Shakti Oasis can best serve you, all those you touch and the women who will come in your footsteps.

I’m so excited to discover this with you!

As a founding member, you’ll also be part of a smaller, more intimate group as we get this thing rolling and iron out the kinks.

So if you’re ready to deepen on this journey with me, if you know you want the ongoing support that this sisterhood will provide, if you are interested in being a founding member of the Shakti Oasis, then I invite you to say…

I am honored to be your guide

I invite you to take my hand.

For almost two decades, I’ve guided thousands of women like you on this profound journey of Awakening Shakti. I believe I was chosen to be the first sacred sexuality and Tantra teacher to speak on Oprah precisely because I’m not one of those ungrounded, guru-speak teachers living in some distant ashram.

I teach what has worked in my own life as a devoted mother, successful entrepreneur and a top-tier coach. As a recovering over-achiever who’s survived workaholism, two miscarriages, and the devastation of divorce after 20 years of marriage. And as a postmenopausal woman who has learned to love her sovereign self, found sacred partnership, and feels more turned-on now than ever before.

I’ve created Shakti Oasis as an on-going sanctuary for you to deepen your own practice, be resourced in sisterhood and celebrate the awakening of the feminine in all her mystery.

Explore a new facet of your feminine each month

Whether you are new to the Awakening Shakti teachings or a seasoned graduate of this work, our monthly Shakti Oasis community is designed to help you deepen into your unique connection with your own sacred feminine essence. Using my Shakti model of 3 intersecting circles (Body, Heart and Soul), each month will hold focus on one of those over arching themes, exploring a specific topic inside of that based on the season, what feels most relevant for the present moment, and input from the circle.

I am so looking forward to sitting in this sacred circle with you and having the opportunity to go deeper. With the world getting increasingly noisy and volatile, it feels more important than ever to have safe havens for healing, centering and community building. May we come together and be fortified to fully give our gifts of love to the world.

I hope you’ll join me and become a founding member of the new Shakti Oasis membership circle.

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