With the hustle-bustle of holidays upon us, I’m reaching out to make sure you don’t miss the golden opportunity of the solstice on Saturday.

This potent tipping point, heralding the longest night here in the North (or the apex of the light in the Southern Hemisphere) is a celestial gift of transformation for those paying attention and ready to receive.

Here in the dark days of winter, solstice is that still point at the very end of a long exhale, one that began six months ago at summer solstice. It’s that moment of pure emptiness before the inhale begins, before we start our journey back to the light.

You know this moment… let yourself feel it right now at the end of your next out breath.

We are here at the point where the pendulum reaches the crescendo of its arc and reverses course. If you’re ready for a shift, a change in your own course, a shedding of the old and an invocation for the new, then this time is good medicine for you.

Although solstice times are inherently powerful, this one is particularly epic. Per visionary Richard Rudd, “We are in an unprecedented time, in which our Winter Solstice is in alignment with the core of our galaxy, while the earth’s tilt is exactly in the middle of its wobble. Such an alignment will not happen for another 100,000 years!”

So whatever your busy weekend plans (mine include finishing work so I can put the vacation auto-responder on email, baking Scandinavian Christmas bread with my mom, lighting Hanukkah candles with the Jewish side of my family, wrapping gifts, welcoming our kids back home, and sipping hot toddies) remember to claim some sacred time to honor the solstice.

Carve out some space just for you.

Stop. Breathe. Listen.

Ask yourself what is shifting? What you are shedding, releasing, surrendering to the darkness?

What shadow of lack, unworthiness, co-dependency or self-judgement have you encountered that is now ready to be fed into the fire of transformation, returned to the light?

I suggest writing it down and then burning it, with your full attention, gratitude and prayers. It might be a simple ritual, you with a candle.

Or perhaps, like me, you plan to throw that paper into a massive bonfire and dance under the stars with your friends until it all burns down into smoldering, red lava embers.

Then remember to let yourself feel your deepest desires. Allow the wave of feelings associated with this fulfillment to bathe your whole body. Drink it in to every cell for nourishment. Rest into the pleasure of it. Practice experiencing what’s it like to template its familiarity.

Trust that it is on its way to you. This or something better. Because so often, the Divine has something even more magnificent planned for you.

And that’s enough. No need to worry so much about next steps. Let yourself just be in this time of Sacred Pause, giving over to it thoroughly.

The degree to which you do will serve to resource and prepare you for the time to act and plan when that arrives later. Now is probably not that time.

For now, enjoy the blessing of this solstice moment, the still point between the grand exhale and inhale, and may you use it wisely.

With love and many blessings to you in this holiday season.