As Spring arrives and appears to effortlessly bloom with possibility, what do you do when all this fertility just aggravates your own desire to grow, pushing you up against obstacles?

​​​​Make no mistake about it, the arising of anything new will inevitably bring up old stuff that needs clearing and tending.

It doesn’t mean you’re doing anything “wrong.” Don’t fall into that trap. It’s simply a natural sign of growth. Radically impersonal. But often incredibly frustrating and disheartening.

The obstacle might be a belief that’s holding you hostage: “I need a partner to feel sexy” or “I’m too busy/old/overweight/overwhelmed to feel my turn-on.”

Maybe it’s a lack of support, trying to figure it out by yourself without someone dedicated to lovingly asking you the right question that ushers you into your own brilliant answer.

Perhaps the stuckness is about not knowing how to move forward. For example, how to grow your business in a way that nourishes your soul and your financial life.

Whatever the obstacle, what often happens next is that we fall into the insidious hypermasculine mode, thinking that we have to go to battle, buckle down and work hard to overcome whatever appears to be “in the way.”

I’m so over it. Positively allergic. How about you?

I was in a meditation retreat recently with a beloved teacher, Pema Khandro, and she reminded us that there’s another, less familiar path to overcoming obstacles:

We can simply overwhelm them with ecstasy until they dissolve.

I felt my whole body light up. Every cell of my feminine being alive with this possibility. Why not this way? How efficient! How delightful!​​​​​​​
How Shakti.

I’m here to seed this option for you too. Not as a bypass to the real work that often needs to be done to make room for the new but as a vision for how to engage with that work more joyfully. From a place of inspiration rather than efforting and pushing.

Here’s what I know after two decades of coaching thousands of women to awaken their Shakti: when we stay rooted to the creative power and sensual pleasure alive in our body, when we open more fully to the infinite love in our heart, and when we tap into the steady guidance coming from our feminine soul (our three core Shakti centers), we generate the kind of radiant ecstasy in our beingness that has the power to simply disappear obstacles.

Poof. Like waking up from a dream.

Not only am I here to remind you of this but I have expertise to help you get there.

Of course you have the answers inside, but that doesn’t mean you’re supposed to figure it out alone. Women are designed to collaborate. We thrive in environments with fierce love, encouragement and supportive structures where we can tap into our inherent feminine wisdom.

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In the meantime, sending you so much love for all that is blooming in your world.

~ Lisa Schrader

Photo Credit: Simon Matzinger on Unsplash