I know about power outages. I live in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California. During fire season, the utility company shuts down power as a preventative measure, sometimes for days on end. Given climate changes, we also increasingly find ourselves in snow country; we were without power for 11 days in last year’s big storm.

Of course we cope but when power goes out it’s edgy, right? Suddenly routines are disrupted and things get more difficult. Crankiness and frustration set in. Our foundation gets rocked.

The unpredictability and pattern-interupt can also fuel adrenalin and aliveness, anything could happen next. We might have to do something crazy, like eat all the ice cream in the freezer right now. We might also feel humbled, having a new appreciation for the simple miracle of lights going on with a switch and having a router that connects us to the world.

Today’s eclipse on the new moon and again in two weeks on the full moon, means we’re collectively moving through a period of power disruption. Our source is obscured, the sun blinking off and on again. Reset. Reboot. Change. That’s what’s up for all of us.

So please be gentle with you during this eclipse season. Pay attention. Listen. Rest when you can. This isn’t just a momentary event and done. We’ve been in it for days and it will continue to work on us.

Here’s another important thing to keep in mind. As a woman likely moving into, through or beyond your meno-passage, you know a thing or two about power surges and power outages. For example, perhaps you’ve noticed that the winning strategies that made you such a bad-ass seem to be depleting your battery rather than charging it.

That can be disorienting, even devastating.

It’s also a wake-up-call to shift where and how you source your energy. If you miss this, you might fall into the trap of judging yourself or your process harshly, grasping at the shore when you’re being asked to let go into a new current.

Because what you’re experiencing isn’t a failing, it’s a flowering.

Perhaps you’re receiving an invitation from the divine to explore alternative sources of energy like your conscious pleasure and desire. Powerful fuel! Or the magnetism of being authentically you. Or the impeccable guidance and direction coming from your own spirit.

You know, the stuff we were born with that can now shine through because the hot flashes incinerate that outter shell of pleasing, performing, trying to be perfect.

In the Shakti Woman Way, as I call it, you allow your own sacred power to run the show by practicing intimacy with your body, heart and soul. So when the external power structures blink on and off, or crumble altogether as they continue to do, you know how to stay lit from within. You plug in to a different grid and find your impact and joy being amplified, amazingly, with much less effort.

You deserve to have all the support, love, holding and expert guidance you need, for as long as you need it, through this initiation. Which is why I’ll keep sending you love notes like this to remind you who you are.

And if you’re feeling ready (or curious) about working with me personally, I invite you to consider 1:1 Shakti Coaching & Mentoring.

Stay the course Bright & Dark One, I see you shining.

With love,