With Sacred Sensuality Teacher and Renowned Coach Lisa Schrader  

Join a 6-week, journey designed to bring you home to your sacred power as a woman — so you can love more freely, know more pleasure and get intimate with your soul.

It’s time for a new way of BEING as a woman.

Imagine moving through your day relaxed in your body, enjoying your own sensuality, effortlessly MAGNETIZING your desires to you.

Picture what your life could look like if you were receiving a steady flow of NOURISHMENT from an internal wellspring to abundantly support all the ways you give, love and lead.

And consider what it would be like to contribute to what’s most meaningful to you KNOWING that it’s in alignment with your own soul.

Reclaim Your Authentic Feminine Power

In these fast-paced times, this way of being may seem like a far-off dream, but this is the reality you know in your bones you need and deserve. However, your old strategies won’t get you there this time…

It’s not about figuring it all out, working harder, doing more, improving yourself, or soldiering on.

Enough, already!

Women are suffering from record levels of exhaustion, adrenal burnout, stress, anxiety, depression, and heart disease. Much worse than men.

Your feminine body, heart and soul were never designed for what passes as “normal life” these days. But THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. You’re just being drawn toward something deeper…

I believe it’s your authentic feminine power — your Shakti — that’s calling you. And I have a reliable way to guide you home to that — to your very essence as a woman.

Learn the Shakti Secret

Translating sacred teachings into practical tools for the modern-day goddess, my
6-session program will activate the three core centers at the very heart of your Shakti. And I’m telling you, everything flourishes from there…

~ Access a more grounded place to return to balance & clarity

~ Return to the natural flow of pleasure & relaxation

~ Notice greater intimacy & love in your relationships


All by simply being you.

The Guidance and Support You’ve

Been Seeking

I invite you to take my hand.

For almost two decades, I’ve guided thousands of women like you on this profound journey. I believe I was chosen to be the first sacred sexuality and Tantra teacher to speak on Oprah precisely because I’m not one of those ungrounded, guru-speak teachers living in some distant ashram.

I teach what has worked in my own life as a devoted mother, successful entrepreneur and a top-tier coach. As a recovering over-achiever who’s survived workaholism, two miscarriages, and the devastation of divorce after 20 years of marriage. And as a postmenopausal woman who has learned to love her sovereign self, found sacred partnership, and feels more turned-on now than ever before.

It’s my glorious mission and privilege to share with you the one major difference in my life that has made ALL the difference — I’ve discovered the keys for accessing the sacred energy that is the source of your greatest blessing as a woman.

With roots in the ancient yogic lineage known as Tantra, this universal feminine power of Shakti awakens as you nourish the three streams that feed it:

  • Through your body, you activate the wellspring of sensual energy available to you as a lover.
  • Through your heart, you mother what you’ve created through your nurturing, loving and protecting.
  • Through your soul, you cultivate a deeper connection to your own higher wisdom which empowers you as a leader in our own life and in inspiring others.

Because what’s on offer here is a whole new way of BEING as a woman. And that changes everything.

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With the life-changing
course you’ll:

  • Feel the relief and joy of finally coming home to yourself as a truly confident woman

  • Tap into your naturally magnetic radiance and release the pressure of relentless productivity

  • Increase your day-to-day energy, passion and enthusiasm

  • Fall in love with yourself as a woman and shift out of body judgment

  • Expand your inner sense of wellbeing as you find a stronger connection to your Divine Feminine Spirit

  • Discover a new empowered relationship with your emotions as messengers bearing valuable information

  • Feel more naturally turned-on, sensually alive and excited about making love

  • Laugh from your belly again and feel genuine joy returning to your life

  • Attract a more ideal partnership and deepen intimacy in your relationships

  • Experience more ecstasy and sacredness in sex by learning principles of Tantra

  • Evolve your relationship with pleasure on all levels, as you release guilt, shame and fear

What You’ll Discover in These 6 Sessions

Each week you will receive an audio teaching and experiential training session from Lisa that you can listen to at your convenience. Each class will build harmoniously upon the next so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to activate these Shakti teachings in your life.

Plus 3 LIVE Group Coaching Sessions

In addition, there are also three live video calls with Lisa via Zoom to enrich your experience. It’s a valuable opportunity to deepen into the material, discuss the practices, receive coaching, ask questions, get feedback and share with the other women in the program.

The calls will be from 12-1:30 PM (Pacific) on Nov. 6th, 19th and Dec. 6th.
Recordings of all live sessions will be available.

Session 1: Remembering What Has Been Forgotten

We begin by questioning the sanity of the hyper-productive, scarcity mindset that we’re currently living in, unplugging from it, and start bringing our authentic feminine superpowers back on line.

Session 2: Cherishing Your Sacred Feminine Heart

We enter into the realm of the feminine heart, honoring our breasts as the sacred guardians of the heart space, opening to our capacity to love and exploring a more empowered relationship to our emotional life.

Session 3: Trusting Pleasure and the Soft Animal Body of You

This week, we’ll awaken our senses, befriend the body and open a pathway to greater wholeness by gently exploring the limitations we place on pleasure and receiving.

Session 4: Joygasmic Lover of Life

With our hearts open, our senses alive, and more connected to our pleasure, we begin cultivating a more sacred relationship with our sexual energy as women.

Session 5: Sexy, Soulful, Shakti Leadership

Explore what it feels like to embody a new way of leading your life by relaxing more fully into your wholeness, drawing upon the magnetic radiance of your sacred feminine power and staying connected to the guidance of your own soul.

Session 6: Living in Our Wholeness

Anchoring in a new way of being as a woman with the Mother, Lover and Leader aspects of our Shakti all working together, generating light to see by and magnetizing our desires to us with less effort.

Because what’s on offer here is a whole new way of BEING as a woman. And that changes everything.

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In addition to the transformational 6-session course, you’ll also receive these powerful bonus sessions. These bonus sessions are being offered to further complement what you’ll learn in the course — and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

“Behind the Curtain: My Tantric Relationship”

In this special conversation, Lisa invites her beloved, Michael Burnstein to discuss what sparks passion and polarity in long term partnership. They explore what keeps things hot, who’s on “top,” what it means to worship the Goddess in a woman, and attracting a man of power and integrity.

“Awakening the Breasts: Seat of the Feminine Orgasm”

In this audio session, Lisa Schrader interviews Diana Richardson, author of Tantric Orgasm for Women, about the profound role that the breast play in a woman’s sexual responsiveness. Diana brings her decades of experience with Tantra to this intimate conversation about honoring the differences between the masculine and feminine in lovemaking.

“Turning On Our Feminine Genius”

SoundsTrue Author Liyana Silver joins Lisa for a powerful dialogue about the war women wage with their own bodies and the damage we do to ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually when we cut ourselves off from the nutrients of sensual pleasure. She also leads us through an embodied practice for shifting from body criticism to loving acceptance.

Real Stories 

“Hungry for a trusted guide to take me where I could not take myself”

When I first considered taking a deeper dive with Lisa and Awakening Shakti, a part of me was resistant to taking that kind of time for myself. Yet, something deep inside kept saying “Yes!” I was hungry for a trusted guide to take me where I knew I could not take myself. It was the best decision I ever made. Through Lisa’s expert teaching and coaching, I discovered a deeper trust in myself, a deeper trust in life, and renewed vitality and tools to awaken SHE. And SHE is a happy, radiant, juicy self so happy to be seen again. In the year that I followed this power, my life has opened in delicious ways. Lisa is simply amazing.

Katrina S., Beauty Intuitive

“Significantly healed in unexpected ways”

Teleseminars can be impersonal but Lisa managed to create an intimate, safe and inspiring group with members all over the world. I was inspired, fulfilled, stretched and significantly healed in unexpected ways. I can see tangible, irreversible healing and greater confidence in the Shakti Goddess I am. I also see how deeply imprinted I am by the special woman and example Lisa is.  She exudes Feminine Sensuality and Divine-honest Integrity. Cyntha Gonzalez, Counselor & Art Therapist

“Inspires orgasms of the body, heart and soul”

Even though I’m in my late 70’s and have studied many spiritual paths, I find these sacred Shakti practices greatly enhance my life and everything I do. Lisa is a Shaman, a magical teacher — authentic, profound, loving and compassionate. She inspires orgasms of the body, heart and soul. I bow to her.

Patricia Ellsberg, Meditation, Teleseminar & Workshop Teacher


Working with Lisa has been transformational. Her work has put me in deeper contact with my own internal source of sustainable feminine power. She operates at a level of mastery with this work that is effective, beautiful and heartfelt. I recommend her highly.

Marcia Wieder, CEO/Founder, Dream University

“Brilliant transmission, deepened tremendously”

Lisa’s teaching is a brilliant transmission of much more than information. My understanding of both the feminine and the masculine deepened tremendously. Lisa’s skill and love has had a way of revealing to me the vast reservoir of body and heart wisdom that I already KNEW but have sometimes either forgotten or ignored.

Karen Sprute Francovich, Owner Garden Street School of Yoga

Because what’s on offer here is a whole new way of BEING as a woman. And that changes everything. 

Registration is now closed



We offer you this Quality Guarantee: If you attend all sessions, participate fully, and engage with the suggested practice homework and do NOT feel like you have received your money’s worth upon completion of this program, we will be happy to give you a refund. Please choose carefully however because upon enrollment in this program, there are no refunds should you decide not to participate. If there is an issue of extreme hardship, you may contact Awakening Shakti to discuss options, which may include receiving a credit for a subsequent program. Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you to this circle!

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