Sex Shouldn’t Be Painful: Naturopathic Ways to Navigate “The Change”

Our mid-life menopausal rebirthing can bring many changes but most difficult can be the hormonal shifts that make sex uncomfortable or even painful. I was determined to make it through my “Change” naturally and without intervention but I had no idea how misguided I was! Not until I found myself in a miserable, “grin and bear it” relationship with intercourse.

Enter Dr. Heidi Hook, a Naturopathic Doctor who helped simplify the complicated world of shifting female hormones and offered me solutions that changed everything within a few weeks. In this interview, we get personal and real about sex as women in mid-life. We talk about practical ways to bring vibrancy, vitality and “va-voom” back to your vagina. And why that’s so important for us as empowered, loving women of Shakti.

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