We’ve just returned from visiting family in Australia for the first time since the pandemic and took a side trip to Bali as well. I felt like I could curl up in Bali’s lap and never leave. It was astoundingly beautiful to be with such open-hearted people in a culture that holds spirituality and nature in such an intimate embrace.

Michael took this photo of me during a water purification ceremony at a sacred waterfall site. We entered into a tall cleft in the mountain, the air smoky-thick with incense, water falling in streams from high above, to make offerings and prayers at the many altars deep inside. Such a blessing.

Back home, we’re turning our faces toward the sun as Spring is trying to lift her sleepy head out of the snow.

Many things have been gestating in you during the long winter. Maybe you’re beginning to feel an unfurling of a new desire, or stronger boundaries. Or an intuition that’s unapologetically propelling you into deeper trust of yourself and your process.

Perhaps your life-long allegiance to achievement is transmuting (with or without your consent) into a new understanding about your definition of “success.”

If you’re anything like me, my professional sisters and clients, you feel a revulsion toward anything that smacks of push or hustle. You’re officially done with being driven by adrenaline, stress, and over-giving (even if you sometimes relapse).

I had an astrology reading this week to better understand what the hell has been happening to me. Turns out it’s my second Saturn Return and I’m right on track. One key message: “You must release yourself from lusting for results.” I’m simultaneously terrified and relieved by those words.

The Change is doing its job, right on track, birthing a new you.

It’s a new curriculum. You’re learning how to:

~ Practice making peace, and love, with your body.

~ Liberate your pleasure to do its sacred task: be a flowing conduit between your humanity and your divinity.

~ Heed your soul when she says, “This way. Follow me.”

~ Find the barriers within yourself that you have built against love (thank you Rumi) and surrender ever more completely to the growing capacity of your own beautiful heart.

These are not small changes. And change happens in small ways.

Change is birthing a new you. It can be radical, gentle, devastating, clarifying, and full of grace….all in the same moment.

Birth is often a fraught time. Know that I am beating the drum for you. I am walking the path beside you.

It can make all the difference to have a wise, steady guide who knows the territory, who can help you navigate through obstacles with greater ease. Someone who knows who you are and can remind you where you’re going when you lose faith.

I am opening up three new client spots for 1:1 Shakti Coaching & Mentoring with me. If my words are touching something inside of you, take that as a sign and let’s explore the possibility of working together.

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What if the Change is asking you to shed some of your tough mama self-reliance and allow yourself to feel more supported? What would it be like for you to receive a steady dose of masterful, loving coaching that holds the transformation you’re undergoing as front, center, and sacred? Who would you be if you had that?

Let’s find out. Learn more about 1:1 Shakti Coach Mentoring here. 

I see you, Shakti Woman Awakening. I honor the life force of the sacred sensual goddess inside of you. Thank you for all the ways you let Her shine through.

Lisa Schrader