The cozy times have arrived in Nor Cal. We’re stacking two cords of oak to keep the wood stove burning this winter and the duvets are back on the beds. I’m inspired to be in the kitchen again after a long, hot summer of quick salads. Already this week I’ve whipped up a hearty polenta casserole and a pot of chicken tortilla soup. Comfort foods.

The turning of the season calls us to turn within. Nature beckons us to reflect, reckon, and take stock of what we want to harvest from this past year. This is the “joint” time between the seasons. Just like the joints in our body are susceptible to stress, this time can be fraught with disturbance, adjustments, friction.

Basically, the shit that ain’t working really ain’t working right now.

Maybe that’s why I committed to a sober October. A kind of preemptive strike and deliberate pattern interrupt. I also reached out to the Ayurvedic practitioner I work with and put myself in a full detox-cleanse-rejuvenation program with her called Pancha Karma.

The word in Sanskrit for “oil” is the same word for “love:” Sneha. As my Ayurveda Goddess says, “Oil is to the body as love is to the soul.” I’ve been in a powerful process of eliminating everything but simple, wholesome food while nourishing my body, mind, and spirit with healing oils, inside and out.

Just on the other side of that now, I am sleeping more soundly and naturally waking before dawn with greater joy and energy. I have renewed clarity and focus. Important work projects that have been stuck are now in creative flow. Ahhhhhh…yessssss.

It’s confronting to look at my habits and addictions, the ways I avoid, distract and sabotage myself. Then to choose to love my humanness and imperfection. It’s a mad, mad time we’re living in and we’re all doing our best to cope.

And damn but doesn’t life just keep happening, even when you’ve carefully blocked off your calendar with lavender tiles that say REJUVENATION TIME in all caps? You can line up all those sparkling expectations of the blissful union you’ll have with the Divine once you slow down, the astounding insights that’ll be served up when you take your seat at the table of Humble Willingness and carefully put your napkin on your lap.

Then, of course, it’s absolutely nothing like that.

You don’t know that the pipe at the well is about to burst on a Sunday when you won’t be able to get a plumber. You don’t know that your friend is going to come over in crisis because her marriage just crashed on the rocks. You have no idea that that minor touch-up painting chore is going to turn into a monumental task that will take you to the edge of your sanity.

Because Goddess thinks it’s cute when you make plans. She wants to remind you that life will keep coming and it’s all holy. She Who Cannot Be Contained will always show you that you’re bigger than you think and that there’s Shakti in all of it.

May this turning of the season serve you, dear sister, to gently turn your attention to what needs tending in your life. In your body. In your Spirit. In your heart. May you be reminded that investing in your well-being (whatever that looks like to you) is the foundation from which all sustainable goodness will arise and flourish in your life. May you allow yourself to deeply receive support from loving others as you gentle your way through all that is so rapidly changing.

And maybe consider adding a teaspoon of ghee or coconut oil to your chai tea as a way to glide into greater love with yourself 🙂

With blessings of love, warmth and coziness,