I recently heard Alexandra Pope, co-founder of the Red School say, “Menopause is a leadership program.”

And I thought to myself, now ain’t THAT the truth.

Whether you are approaching your meno-passage, deep in it, or on the other side, one thing is certain: it is a complete rebirth and total rewiring process.

Gone are those hormones that compelled us to negate our own needs and selflessly serve others. It’s like that tank is empty. But just when you start to fret about that, you realize it doesn’t matter because, well look at that, you have a new vehicle. And it’s electric. You’re optimized for a different kind of fuel altogether.

But that can be pretty disorienting. Plus a lot of other symptoms and issues can arise. This is true during any kind of remodeling project, but particularly when it involves one’s entire body and life.

Which is one reason why it’s a helluva leadership program. We’re waking up to our original blueprint, our destiny, truth, and why we came here.

We’re stepping out of the mothering cycle of our lives. The darlings we created, babies and businesses, are in their own growth phases, asking us to let go, shed old identities, evolve.

It’s an invitation to step into the natural, next thing which is the Wise Woman Queen cycle of our lives. As natural as the way summer gives way to autumn.  What sweet relief. We’re no longer bleeding away our power but retaining it. Leading with it, as the creators and authors of our lives which is where our author-ity resides.

It’s a time of leadership because, although many others have traversed the territory, the path is uniquely our own.

I thought I’d have a season of hot flashes. But I’ve been riding this hot wild tiger for almost ten years now. Clearly, there was a lot of material to burn up in the fire. There’s got to be a phoenix in here somewhere.

I thought I’d be done with menopause 13 moons after I stopped bleeding. But that was almost 8 years ago. “Done,” I’ve come to learn, is relative. The waves of awakening, illumination and transformation continue to carry me away from one shore and to the next.

I thought the dissolution and dismantling part of this process, particularly around my work in the world, would be temporary. Turns out it’s been a few years and a pandemic of dropping all the expectations I took on as the girl on Oprah. Of excavating my internal hyper-achiever and learning to know my worth even if I wasn’t generating, producing, and rocking some seven-figure business.

I thought I could take some naps and fill up my tank again. Instead, it’s been a long reckoning with how depleted my yin reservoirs were after a lifetime of pushing, performing and pleasing. I am still finding the depth of stillness, quiet, rest and boundaries that this being requires for her healing and wholeness.

I thought I’d have written another book by now. I thought I’d have launched new Awakening Shakti programming to support you on your sacred feminine journey. I thought I’d have doubled my followers on social media. Yadda yadda.

Instead, I have a beautiful garden that is abundant in fresh veggies and flowers. I’m having the most intimate and orgasmic lovemaking with my husband that I’ve ever known. I have space in my life for deep rest and reflection. I have gorgeous relationships with my children, family and beloved sister friends. I get to work with the most amazing women in my 1:1 Shakti Coach Mentoring practice.

I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

I’m in trust and surrender with this meno-passage journey. I’m listening deeply for the authentic inspiration to bubble up inside and whisper, it’s time. I’m choosing to lead my work and life from this place.

The book will come. The new programs, curriculum and the revitalization of my podcast SheSource, will likely come. I have much to share with you and it’s my dharma to do so. As I heard Lynne Twist say recently, “I’m not retiring, I’m re-firing.”

But I am done speculating on the when. The great SHE is having her way with me. Reminds me of that old saying, “Want to make god laugh, tell her your plans.”

In the meantime, it’s my delight to reach out to you in this way with my words. I’d love to hear how they are landing for you. I hope that they give you permission to love yourself a little more and perhaps better trust your own journey.

My 1:1 coaching practice continues to thrive and I have openings for a few new clients. I coach and mentor high-achieving professional and spiritual women who are done being driven by pressure and are ready to be powered by pleasure instead. Sound like you? If you are ready for deeper work and mentoring as you step into the wise woman queen arc of your life, then let’s explore.


With so much love,

Lisa Schrader