Honoring the Mother in you.

The one who has opened to life,
who said Let it Be Me to hold this creation,
this child, paint brush, soup spoon, message, mission,
this gift of mine to give the world.

Who agreed to hold the memory of All As One
and do what often feels like the impossible task
of returning, again and again and again,
to the path with heart, love and truth.

Honoring you as Lover, the mother earth who is your body,
soft skin, strong bones, sinew and succulence.

The fire of your orgasmic surrender and
the spark of your erotic wildness.

The rain of your tears.
The sighs and songs carried on your breath.

Honoring your sweet mama soul,
the one ever-ready to unconditionally welcome you home,
no matter if you forget to call,
or only visit when hungry or short on rent.

The sacred spirit of you,
always offering, free of charge and with open arms,
all the wisdom you’ll ever need
to be the Leader of your own magnificent life.

She who has your back and gives you the grace to serve others
from your sovereign seat.

And on this Mother’s Day,
I give thanks to the woman who said Yes to cradling you in her womb,
giving you life to be the Mother, Lover and Leader you are and continue to become.

Because you, dear sister, are such a blessing.




Photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash