I remember walking out of my first yoga class 25 years ago knowing that something had changed for good. I knew that whatever that was, it was going to be a life-long practice for me.

I learned how to do a headstand back then. To my surprise, I was able to pull one off today. Even though balance is very different in my post menopausal body than in my early 30’s when I completely took it for granted. Even though I’m 20 pounds heavier than I was back then. Even though my yoga practice ground to a halt during two years of pandemic, coping and comfort food.

I returned to regular classes at my favorite studio about six months ago. Slowly, I feel my strength returning. While upside down this morning, I reflected that maybe it was like riding a bike. Once you’ve found the courage to push off, be with the velocity, find that center of gravity, it seems the body remembers and can return.

This is relevant because we’re heading into a potentially turbulent period with the new moon and eclipse this weekend, followed by another eclipse with the full moon in mid May.

But we’re not exactly new to turbulence, are we? Kinda feels like turbulence is the new normal. It’s also not necessarily bad.

It’s just that eclipse energies tend to be times of change, shake up and wake up. Maybe that’s exactly what you’ve been calling in, even if it arrives in an unexpected form, which it usually does.

All to say, in these days before whatever comes, the moment is ripe to pause and connect with yourself. To take stock, make some prayers, get clear on your intentions.

Specifically, this is a good time to check in with yourself around the theme of balance. Like with my headstand, what do you already know that you can return to or re-activate?  What’s already working? As a heart-centered woman, you know how to tend what is already growing, creating an environment conducive to those roots getting stronger which is what they naturally know how to do. 

Building on what’s already working is usually easier and more generative than focusing on what’s not. You already have hard-earned wisdom about balance. You know what works and what doesn’t, for you.

Go ahead and take a quick inventory, just in this minute, of what you know about balance.

Hint: Look to your body, the ways you nourish, move, rest, and prioritize pleasure. To your heart in the ways you feel your feelings, connect with others, and choose love. To your soul, the ways you quiet the mind, finding communion with what is sacred, authentic and true.

What actually feels inspiring to you about balance? Not the should’s but more the sparkling things that beckon and delight you. Go for those. Name them to yourself, your coach, or a trusted beloved.

I also really appreciated and wanted to share this counsel from astrologer Chani Nicholas:

Eclipses are best spent in quiet contemplation, accompanied by gentle self-care. Eclipse energy can be disruptive and even a bit volatile, so these are events to observe rather than channel.

Observe rather than channel
. I love that.

Perhaps this is a time to float instead of swim. To embrace your own wisdom and lean more deeply into that.

When you are connected to your own Shakti, you make the frequencies of lovepleasure and union not only more available to yourself but everyone else as well, particularly those that may not have the resources right now to navigate change like you do.

What a contribution that is, you being you. Enough. Radiant. In your sovereign seat. Holding down a frequency of balance as a way to serve yourself and the whole.

And if it’s time for you to receive support, if you’re ready to harness this season of change and know you want a guide by your side, you can learn more about 1:1 Shakti Mentorship with me here. Then schedule an exploratory call and let’s talk. I will be raising my rates in May but right now you can still get in at my existing one.

Whether May Day & Beltane finds you upside down, sideways or somewhere in between, remember that balance is dynamic not static. A fixed state of balance happens only in death; it is not life.

You are a woman of Shakti which is about embracing all of life, the turbulent and the serene. Let us ride the waves and remember that balance isn’t some place we get to. It’s a place we return to, again and again.

With so much love,


Photo Credit: Oksana Taran on Unsplash