Candle-flame-no-reflection-300x254“It is only the extent to which we expose ourselves over and over again to annihilation can that which is indestructible arise within us. ”

I light a candle next to me and ask that this little flame carry love, courage and hope to my brothers and sisters in Japan.

Last week I shared with you a poetic manifesto celebrating the sensually alive woman, titled “She Who Cannot Be Contained.” Now She shows us another facet of her awesome power, reminding us, once again, that we’re like flea-sized Lilliputians busy erecting buildings, monuments and nuclear reactors on her back. We forget that she can awake from her slumber at any moment and, with one lazy stretch of her spine, shake us all to oblivion.

Maybe you’re having trouble finding the relevance in all those extremely important items on your To-Do list. Maybe you find yourself slipping into fear, feeling a little short of breath, anxious about nuclear fall-out and thoughts of impending chaos. Maybe your heart feels heavy with sadness or your mind’s a muddle with confusion. Maybe you also feel awake, alert, eyes wide open.

In moments like this, I’m reminded of a phrase from Carolyn Myss: “I smell God.”

Shake up. Wake up. Hello Heart. Hello Fear. Hello Faith.

We might not be in Japan but we’re all in this together. And what I’ve learned from navigating fall-out in my own life is that when things fall apart, it’s time to focus on that which abides. What is that for you?

For me, it’s my SHAKTI practices of Love, Energy and Spirit. Connect with my heart, feel my feelings, expand my capacity to love, reach out to others. Pray, meditate, give gratitude, serve, be humble, plug into my essence, go to Source and Spirit for soul connection. Get grounded, take care of my body, tap into my divine life force energy for nourishment and miracles.

Listen to your heart–she will tell you what to do. My heart told me to light a candle, talk to my mom, pray, write this blog to you, and eat a big salad for lunch. I also donated to the American Red Cross for the relief efforts.

I also know in times like these that it’s important to come together, pray together, open our hearts together. The annual Spring Shakti Women’s Retreat begins in about ten days. We only have a couple of spots left. There has never been a more important, auspicious and powerful time for us to gather. The waves of change will keep coming: will you meet the surge with your own deeply surrendered and awake feminine power, fully tapped into your guidance?

Be good to yourself.

With great love, Lisa

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