I think January is for dreaming and deep wintering.

As you go about visioning your new year, setting intentions, defining goals, and parsing out plans, please honor a pace that is right for you.

As you tend to the tangible, the things you want to accomplish, do and have, remember to also ask who do I want to be and how do I want to feel.

As a woman awakening Shakti, pleasure is key to your capacity. No longer a reward for performance or something to be earned, living in pleasure is simply the place you come from, your birthright, your very essence as a divine being. Pleasure is the ground from which everything blooms, in your business, brand, bedroom, and beloved relationships.

As a Shakti Wise Woman, you’re no longer willing to sacrifice your wellbeing to some promise of later. You’re learning that attuning to pleasure in the present alchemizes something in the moment, which allows you to see the most elegant pathway forward.

You’re realizing that moving through your day in a lucid state of ecstasy and gratitude is not only delightful, it also makes you more magnetically attractive. Being in a state of pleasure allows you to womanifest with a great deal less effort, pushing, or hustle.

Instead there’s more sychronicity, flow, support from unexpected sources. Obstacles simply dissolve. Not only does it feel good, it’s so much more efficient. 

Your most exquisite tool for pleasure is your body. What are you willing to do this year to alleviate the stress it’s under? Is it time to re-evaluate your relationship with alcohol, sugar, or adrenalin? How does your body want to move or exercise?

How might you heal or liberate your sexuality so that you can be more regularly bathed in the life-giving benefits of your orgasmic energy?

Just sit quietly for a few moments connecting with your breath and open a space to dialogue with your own body. Ask her. What do we need to cease or cut back on? What do we need to increase? What do you most long for and need? What kind of support do we need?

If this all feels so right but you’re stuck on the how, or you know you thrive in partnership but tend to flounder on your own, then maybe this is the year you reach out for support.

Maybe it’s time to give yourself the gift of mentoring with someone who has helped thousands of women navigate this territory, who embodies this way of being, who can show you how to live here too.

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Maybe it’s time to learn more about this path I call “The Shakti Woman Way.” If so, you can start here with my free masterclass.

Thank you for your listening and for your generous replies back to me. I love hearing what has touched and moved you. Thank you for being a woman committed to a world with more love, pleasure and union with the sacred feminine.

I write and share this work for you. I am so grateful to be walking the Shakti Woman Way with you.

May your new year be abundantly blessed,