I don’t think we even realize how out of whack we are, how frazzled, by the constant stream of intensity we’re dealing with on a daily basis. It’s why I’m feeling passionate about creating “sanctuary.” Because it’s not just some self-care nicety, it’s the very root system necessary for us to grow and bring our fierce feminine love more passionately out into the world.

There are 3 facets of sanctuary I want to share with you but here’s the thing: I really want you to hear and feel me rather than getting these words pixelated in black and white on your screen. So I’m wondering if you’d be willing to take five minutes to breathe, rest your eyes, and let me touch you with my voice?


And if listening isn’t your thing, then let me offer you the transcript of my words here:

Sanctuary: a place of protection and safety.

We are women awakening and we must have safe havens. Places where our nervous systems can rest, unwind, and recalibrate to the rhythm of the heart deeply breathing, the pace of a full season, a time out from the tyranny of To-Do. Our soft animal body functions optimally, our intelligence is most keen, and our power simply magnetic when we steadily nourish ourselves with sensuality, pleasure and beauty. This is who we are.

We need safe places where instead of meeting others needs we can feel our own. Where we can stand side by side with sisters who are also choosing love, over and over again. Where we can be midwifed into surrendering into the strength of our vulnerability and let our hearts break wide open. Because that is our sacred task. That is what allows us alchemize the whole crazy mystery of the moment with some humor, grace, and ultimately joy. So we can share the magic with others. Be the abundance. Feed the hungry with our soul food, our Shakti.

Sanctuary: a place to preserve wildness

Where we can be free to roam and explore the terrain of our instinctual, indigenous womanhood. Where the whole of us is welcome and celebrated: messy, spontaneous, cranky, quiet, playful, passionate, broken, ecstatic, terrified, stuck, pissed off, or terribly tired. Whether we’re beaming our light or crawling through the fertile darkness.

Sanctuary: a place that is sacred and holy

A oasis lush with life. A temple saturated in stillness. The light coming through a rose window hazy with incense. The soft earth blanketed inside a cathedral of redwood trees. We need places to attune to our soul’s whispering, pray to our gods and goddesses, call upon our ancestors. And be guided into the chambers of our own inner sanctuary: the holy, life-giving chalice of our womb and the erotic volcanic oceanic tides of our fully expressed sexual selves.

Ahh… yes, yes, yes! We must have sanctuary space for protecting, nourishing, and remembering what is most sacred so it can bloom in our bodies, in our lives and in the world. As a BIG part of my commitment to this sacred sisterhood I have created Shakti Oasis as one of those sacred places of sanctuary.

And if this sanctuary doesn’t feel like it’s for you, then I encourage you, my dear sister, to please find one that is. This isn’t a time to go it alone. We are stronger together.

Blessings and so much love to you.

~ Lisa