This is our apple tree right now, raindrop-dappled blossoms floating to the ground with the spring breeze. And on the other side of the world, terror rains down on the people of Ukraine.I’m grappling with this impossible paradox.

As I unfurl my yoga mat in a warm studio scented with burning palo santo, I think about the yoga mats I’ve seen refugees carrying into freezing subway stations so they have something to sleep on while bombs fall overhead. I’m breathing into this gut-wrenching irony. 

My polished purple nails delight me with a burst of color even as I scroll through images of gray rubble and annihilation. I’m affirming beauty in the midst of so much ugliness. 

I know your heart is breaking too. As a woman of Shakti, you’re moving in and out of the intensity of all that’s happening not just in Ukraine but on our planet as a whole.

You wonder what you can do. You walk away from the news because it’s too much to bear. You come back because you want to bear witness to what’s happening. Maybe you find yourself asking the question I keep asking myself, “If they are living it, can’t I at least listen to their story?”

But I also know that I’m of absolutely no use to a drowning person if I am also drowning.

I know if I abdicate my own seat of power, which is only ever mine to occupy, that vacancy serves no one.

In moments like these, I return to words from Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes again and again: 

Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach.”

What is within my reach? This is a guiding question.

I can reach for my debit card and make donations.

It’s also in my reach to communicate with you.

To remind us that as women of Shakti, it’s our job and our privilege, to affirm and celebrate life.

To stay rooted in pleasure and nourish this body with the sensuality she needs to thrive.

To let our big feeling feminine heart be broken open and then return to love, over and over again.

To be a channel between heaven and earth for goodness to flow through us and radiate out to those in need.

To tend to our personal connection to the Divine and trust her wisdom to guide us.

Since we’re here together right now, I invite you to take a moment to gently check in with yourself. Give yourself the gift of a few deep breaths … yes…that’s right. Relax your body and touch her lovingly for a moment or two. Soften your heart and flow some compassion and gratitude to your beautifully human self. Perhaps pick up your journal.

Then ask your body, “How can I nourish you with more pleasure?”

Ask your heart, “What would support us in opening to more love?”

Then offer a prayer to your soul self, “Allow me to be present to your guidance; show me the pathways to our greater union.”

Pleasure, love and union: I experience these as the frequencies of our feminine power, our Shakti. Our practice of these is within our reach, in our perfectly imperfect way, whether you’re celebrating the apple blossoms, painting your nails purple, or showing up on the yoga mat.

It’s enough to “stretch out to mend” what is ours to tend to, between the dishes and laundry, meetings and managing businesses, in and out of despair and delight. As we do, we anchor the sacred feminine frequency of life and love on a planet in catastrophic need of our medicine, our Shakti.  

That matters. That makes a difference. Thank you for all you do, seen and unseen. 

Much is emerging in me after our pandemic period and my own deep dive into the shedding and pause of the meno-passage. In my gestation, you haven’t heard much from me lately.

Yet just like the trees transforming from bare sticks to vibrant blossoms, my inspiration is arising. I’m cooking up new offerings I’m excited to share with you to support the awakening of your Shakti. More about that soon.

In the meantime, I’m deeply engaged in co-creating magic with a small number of private clients. You can explore 1:1 Shakti Mentorship with me here.

I’m so grateful to be walking the Shakti Woman Way with you.

With so much love,